Debunking Life Hacks

“They’re more like ‘lie’ hacks…” I figured a lot of these were worthless. Surprised by a few that actually worked.



One thought on “Debunking Life Hacks

  1. With these things, it’s not just a question of if they work, or if they work always or just in specific cases. The big question is, even if it works, is there any benefit? Like the straw in the Coke can thing that shows up in every single life hack list – I’m sure it works fine, I guess. I wouldn’t know, since I’ve never put a straw in a can, I’ve never known anyone who does, I’ve never seen anyone try it – the only time I ever see it is in life hack videos. Really people, if you’re having problems with your straw floating out of your Coke can, instead of looking for a better way, why not just ditch the straw and drink it like a person?

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