Articles on Cessationism and Continuationism

I plan to put up a new article category cataloging my various articles I have written on cessationism and continuationism. Here they are as of this date:

David Dancing Before the LORD
How were the Spiritual Gifts Transmitted? Part 1 and Part 2
The Continuationist Sign and Wonder Problem
Responding to Michael Brown
Why Won’t Faith Healers Heal Amputees?
Charismatic Ecumenism
Wonder Working Power
Coast to Coast Christianity
Hunting Benny Hinn
Skeptical Inquirers
Resources on Cessationism
The Spirit of Anti-Christ
MennoKnights Top 50 Churches Charismatic Super Primer
The Theology of Miracles
Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Edwards

7 thoughts on “Articles on Cessationism and Continuationism

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