Conference Crash Fail

Hopefully this video stays up. I saw it yesterday evening and then the poster had it removed by this morning. But as he says, the truth needs to get out. The one thing I will say about Strange Fire, it has certainly exposed the guy for what he truly is.

UPDATE: Allow me to offer a clarifying remark or two in light of the moron comment I received under the post this morning. First of all, the video ONLY shows the second conversation with Driscoll. He had been asked a little bit before to stop handing out books because of the conference agreement with the other publishing vendors who were at the conference selling and distributing books. Driscoll at that point said something like, “and what if I don’t?” He was simply told that such would be unnecessary and that we didn’t want to go there with him. He then pushed the books away and began talking with folks who had started to gather around him.

While he was talking with people he was telling them to go help themselves to a book, which is the exact same thing as him personally handing them to people. The video then captures that second conversation when he was asked if we could put his book into his car, a Mustang (that was illegally parked, btw). He then told us the books were a gift and we could do with them what we wanted.  Thus, at no time did security have any possession of his books UNTIL he told us we could have them as a gift. Hence, they were never confiscated.


6 thoughts on “Conference Crash Fail

  1. Tom Hatter: “Yeah, we’d like to give ’em BACK to ya.”

    If Hatter can give the books BACK, then he had already CONFISCATED them. Hatter is a ranking LAPD officer and knows that by taking the books, he had committed a crime.

    The large man to the right is Travis Allen, a Navy Seal. (As you know, Travis has a kill count.)

    Mark Driscoll was very gracious by offering to let Hatter keep the books which he had CONFISCATED. It shows sincere Christian compassion to look the other way and forgive Hatter’s sin.

    Unfortunately, it is precisely because John MacArthur preaches sound doctrine that this sin is particularly shameful. Every time Grace leadership slanders a believer, robs from the poor, and ruins little sheep’s lives, THE NAME OF CHRIST IS DRAGGED THROUGH THE MUD.

    I hate to tell you, but when Grace leadership says, “Whatever we do, God has ordained,” they blaspheme almighty God. Fred, you have heard this blasphemy many times. Silence is consent.

  2. Preston, you’re an idiot.
    I was standing right there and witnessed the episode. 10 other people will tell you the same thing.
    The video only shows the second confrontation with Driscoll.

    He came on OUR campus with HIS books and began handing them out. Heck, I was standing in line to get one. Travis, the GTY director, told Driscoll (and by extension, James MacDonald who had also arrived, but in a separate car) that they were welcome to attend the conference but that the book distribution was too far and he needed to stop because of our agreement with the other publishing vendors on campus.
    Driscoll, true to form, challenged Travis by saying, “And what if I don’t?” Travis said he didn’t know what they would do, but he didn’t want to go there and asked him nicely again to stop handing out books. Driscoll complied by closing the box. He then stepped into crowd and began greeting people. BUT, he was telling them to go get a book. Travis, who was standing away from the situation by this time, maybe 5 or 10 min. at the most, sees people getting the books and the video capture the second time Travis had spoke with Driscoll and that is when he offered them as a gift.

    At no time did Grace church security have possession of Driscoll’s books UNTIL he told us we could have them and do with them what we wanted. So you just made a profoundly stupid comment.

    I imagine you probably make similar defenses for Ergun Caner’s lies as well, huh Preston?

  3. If you listen carefully to the exchange, what Tom Hatter was saying is: We are (future) going to temporarily take them, but we don’t want to keep them. We want to give them BACK to you when the event is over. In other words, we are going to take, but not keep them. They NEVER sounded as though they were going to confiscate his books. Not even close. They offered to put the books in Driscoll’s mustang!

    They simply wanted Driscoll to stop what he was doing, but because Driscoll has the maturity level of the average 6 year old, asking him nicely to stop was not enough, so they threatened to take away his toys until he learned how to play nicely.

  4. Even if there was NO video, what mature thinking adult would believe that Mark Driscoll was truly there offering an olive branch? Come on. That’s either being naive, a liar or playing stupid. People can’t really see how MD staged all of this? I think he acted like a kid on the playground that didn’t get picked for kickball and offers a bribe, “If you pick me, I’ll give you something FREE!” For the most part, I think the two of them, which includes MacDonald, made total fools of themselves. I’m embarrassed for them.

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