My Apologetic Series Remaster

One of my long, long, long term goals when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress was to reformat and remaster many of my older articles I believe are important and have lasting value. The switchover to WP messed up the way the articles look and I just hated it. Additionally, thanks be to the LORD, I have picked up a newer readership who haven’t really explored my older stuff. This gives me an opportunity to introduce them to it.

So, like I did with my KJV Only series over this past summer, I plan to remaster and reformat my old series of articles I did on apologetic methodology and evangelism. [I was going to do the series on homosexual revisionists, but I’ll do it next time].

Keep an eye out for the introduction coming later this week if not tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “My Apologetic Series Remaster

  1. From Pyromaniacs Blog 2005:
    Wonder if this guy watched the Strange Fire conference? It’s been more than 10 years…good thing for him we don’t live in ancient Israel under Levitical law…just saying.

    Mike Garner said…

    Quick question…
    Are there any Cessationist powerhouses out there besides the MacArthur/GCC/TMC/TMS camp and Dallas seminary? I have read the stuff my MacArthur and stand completely unconvinced and have yet to find anything too convincing out of Dallas.

    Side note – I am not a prophet nor do I claim to be so don’t try to stone me … but in 2002 I made a prediction that I thought that within 10 years MacArthur would abandon his Cessationist views. Again not a prophecy … just the way i suspect things will work out. If this does happen … wow. I still remember when Limited Atonement was accepted! Anyway, we shall see.

    In Christ alone,
    2:43 AM, November 04, 2005

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