Authentic Fire Review – Intro & Chapter 1

Lyndon Unger took time from hand-holding a retching child to post his first two installments of our joint-review of Authentic Fire.

Authentic Fire Review – Part 1 (preface to the book)

Authentic Fire Review – Part 2 (chapter 1 review)

My chapter 2 review should go up tomorrow. I just realized that Lyndon has many more cooler pictures than I do in my post. I think I only have a picture of a chupacabra, which is explained in the article. Anyhow, just a reminder so that people understand we are not judging Dr. Brown’s motives, here’s a picture of cute baby bunny wearing a backpack.



5 thoughts on “Authentic Fire Review – Intro & Chapter 1

  1. I search far and wide for interesting pictures that makes one pause a little for my weekly installment of Presuppositional apologetics links round up, but you and MennoKnight definitely make me realize there’s another level

  2. He didn’t know about Benny Hinn? I find that to be an indictment of his scholarship. How can you claim to be well read about these types of issues and not know about Hinn?

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