Authentic Fire Chapter 3 Review

Lyndon published his review of the third chapter from Michael Brown’s book, Authentic Fire.

Authentic Fire Review – Part 4, Reviewing Chapter 3

Tons of excellent links to audio and video as always. I am still hammering out my review of chapter 4, but I hope to have it up, if God is gracious, tomorrow, but quite possibly over the weekend or maybe even Monday.

Believe me, I wish I was blessed with a quick mind and nimble fingers, but sadly I am not. I have to labor in writing stuff and I want to make it worth my readers’ time.

At any rate, to show how much we both truly want our reviews to be respectful toward Michael Brown and demonstrate we have no ill-will toward him, check out this picture of Kenny Loggins playing dress-up as Jedi Knight’s with his grand kids out by lake Castaic in Santa Clarita.



5 thoughts on “Authentic Fire Chapter 3 Review

  1. Hey Fred,

    What do you know about a deceased author Kurt Koch ( not a live Swiss RC Cardinal now )who warned about Charismatics back in the 70’s? He was a German Lutheran Pastor?

  2. Thank you so much for doing these reviews. They have been a tremendous blessing. Both you and Lyndon should be commended for you diligent work.

    Good night and good luck!

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