Answering Gay “Christian” Apologetics Remastered

soulforceA few years ago I posted a series of articles addressing the claims put forth by gay “Christian” apologists.  These folks promote the idea that God has never condemned homosexuality, nor does the Bible condemn or forbid homosexuality.  In fact, they go so far as to argue that if the Bible was rightly translated and interpreted, healthy, consensual same-sex relationships are affirmed by God and never condemned.

They further charge that an evil spirit of bigotry against same-sex attraction and homosexual relationships invaded the historic Christian church. Christians, departing from what God has revealed about loving, same-sex relationships, have persecuted their gay brothers and sisters without cause by teaching that only heterosexual relationships are truly blessed of God and forbidding same-sex couples from marrying.

Moreover, specific passages like Genesis 19, Leviticus 18, 20, and Romans 1, have been erroneously interpreted as condemning homosexuality, and so the Church has used the Bible as a billy club to bludgeon gay Christians into silence keeping them locked in the proverbial closet.

When I published my series of articles, my intention was to answer that revisionist nonsense. The main individual I interacted with was Rick Bretlinger, who maintains the Gay Christian 101 website. Whereas most apologists who advocate for gay “Christian” theology are overwhelmingly liberal with their take on the authority of God’s Word, denying crucial doctrines like  infallibility and inerrancy, Rick claimed to affirm God’s Word and the important doctrines of Sola Scriptura.

However, as I reviewed his material it became clear to me that wasn’t entirely true. Rick argued just like the liberal apologists, often retreading their arguments for his own purposes.

Since I wrote my articles, homosexual activism has accelerated a hundredfold in our secular society.  They have become aggressive and brazen with thrusting their lifestyle upon our culture. It is like, as I have termed their agenda, a homosexual jihad. The same is also true within the church.  Gay “Christian” revisionists have intensified their efforts to reinvent God’s Word so that it affirms homosexual sin as healthy and not a sinful perversion.

Sadly, many churches and Bible colleges have capitulated to so-called gay “Christians.”  The more unorthodox ones have pretty much fully embraced homosexuals, believing it is loving to affirm the reality of their same-sex attraction.  Congregations that say they are conservative, while not giving complete affirmation toward gay “Christians,” are willing, under the false pretense of being fair-minded and Christ-like, to “dialog” with them, providing them a voice to proclaim their grievances against fellow Christians who have traditionally condemned them. They seek merely to have a conversation with gay “Christians” and not confront them as to the gravity of their sin and the hope of redemption they could have in Christ.

Currently, gay activist mullahs only issue their fatwas against any person or organization that dares disagree with the homosexual lifestyle on a popular, secular level. However, as our culture continues its downward spiral away from God, the time is rapidly approaching the Christian church when the force of law will prevent any preacher or apologist from speaking out against homosexual perversion even in a private setting. Christians need to prepare themselves to provide uncompromised, biblical answers to gay apologetics that seek to overturn the clarity and authority of God’s Word.

That was my original reason for writing those articles. Now that I have a broader audience, I plan to remaster them a bit by editing them, freshening them up, fixing broken links, as well as grammar mistakes, and repost them for a newer readership.

I would also recommend downloading James White’s lengthy response to up-and-coming gay “Christian” activist, Matthew Vines. Compiled from a series of Dividing Line podcasts, the mp3 is a 5 hour long response to the common exegetical tricks and revisionist arguments the typical gay “Christian” presents for the acceptance of his lifestyle.

Gay “Christianity” Refuted.

Other resources worth your time is the writings and lectures of Rosario Butterfield, who was a former lesbian atheist.

Michael Brown’s (yes, I know) massive history and study of the homosexual movement called A Queer Thing Happened to America.

And the writings of professor Robert Gagnon, who teaches systematic theology at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, a school associated with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., one of the most liberal denominations in the world. I marvel that Gagnon is still alive, let alone allowed to teach at their seminary.


5 thoughts on “Answering Gay “Christian” Apologetics Remastered

  1. Fred,

    Thank you for standing for truth. I was quite impressed with the letters that Professor Robert Gagnon has written to Christians who are now lining up with gay marriage. I marvel that Gagnon is still alive, let alone allowed to teach at their seminary, INDEED.

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  3. Other than the fact none exist? I don’t believe Christians are “gay” nor do I believe the Bible anywhere affirms marriage between homosexual people.

    My first post in the series teases that out a bit more.

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