Podcast Worth Your Time

I’m finishing up my review of Michael Brown’s 6th chapter of Authentic Fire. I’d imagine I am 2/3 of the way done if not more and now clocking in at near 4000 words!  This is probably Brown’s longest chapter in his book because he lays out the biblical case for continuationism. His material is not unanswerable, but it needs to be done so in an exacting fashion so as to be precise with my response. Hence, it is taking me a bit longer than usual. I am actually grateful that Lyndon is having such a struggle getting his 5th chapter review finished.

Hopefully, once I muscle my way past this 6th chapter, things will go quicker. I may add an addendum to my review going into more detail with a few of Brown’s so-called proof-texts.

Any rate, enough of that update. I really wanted to point people to a new podcast I have added in my sidebar that I have thoroughly enjoyed adding to my line-up:

The Pulpit and Pen

Hosted by pastor JD Hall out of Sydney, Montana, the Pulpit and Pen is a podcast adventure JD began last December in conjunction with Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend network.

Originally, the podcast was nearly 2 hours in length. I was interviewed for one of the early episodes concerning the so-called Harry Potter Bible Study. Listen HERE if you are interested. Since then, JD has cut his program down to a more manageable 30 minute edition. I can listen quickly on my ride to work or tooling around the garage in the afternoons.

His emphasis is on the Downgrade in American Christianity with special attention being given to the theologically anemic teaching, political cronyism, and the general “good-ole boy” network that is a major problem in the Southern Baptist Convention. You know, the kind of stuff that allows Ergun Caner to become president of a failing SBC college in Georgia without so much as a bat of the eye and Beth Moore teach unchallenged from various pulpits.

I would imagine, unless you are like me and were saved in a SBC church and are familiar with what I mean about the convention’s problems, you really have no interest in a podcast like this, but JD presents his material in an engaging, entertaining fashion. If you haven’t listened, at least give it a shot a couple of times.


One thought on “Podcast Worth Your Time

  1. Thanks for introducing us to this podcast. Sadly, discerning believers are lacking down south. We are overloaded with “confessors of the faith” but sorely lack “contenders for ther faith”

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