The Lone Ranger Story

I already posted a video on Monday, and I try not to post too many videos, especially so close to each other. but a friend sent this to me and it was so entertaining I just had to share. It’s worth the 4 minutes, believe me. All good and clean except for some mild drug references.


One thought on “The Lone Ranger Story

  1. Okay, we should love homosexuals and give them the gospel. We should treat them with dignity as they are made in God’s image BUT Why do these people try to shift our minds from the truth!!!!???? We can tolerate them but we won’t tolerate their twisting of scripture and we won’t agree with their erroneous views which they try to impose on scripture!! We don’t have patience for people who try to fit words in God’s mouth. Even if all of the world agreed with them, and even if all true christians agreed with them(which will not happen); they would still be under God’s judgement. Why can’t they get that??? Even if all pastors were homosexuals; that wouldn’t change God’s mind. They should stop this rubbish of theirs.

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