Authentic Fire Chapter 5 Review

Lyndon Unger has defied all the odds, including a sick family, to post his long awaited, epic review of the fifth chapter from Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire book.

The review is in two parts,

Chapter 5 Part 1
Chapter 5 Part 2

Both of them are massive reads, particularly the second part. But they are extremely important. I give a slow clap and a fist punch to Lyndon’s hard work over the last few weeks.

Now, that leaves my sixth chapter review. I will put on the finishing touches and a nice polish and DV, have it up tomorrow sometime, if not Thursday.  I plan to add an appendix of sorts next week that looks more closely at Brown’s common Bible verses he uses to defend charismatic theology.

And… Look, UP IN THE SKY! Doesn’t that cloud look just like Kenny Loggins giving us a thumbs up!





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