Authentic Fire – Chapter 7 Review

Lyndon and I are sloshing our way through the mire of Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire, the rebuttal book to John MacArthur and the Strange Fire conference. Let’s recap our reviews,

My general introduction
The Preface
The First Chapter
The Second Chapter
The Third Chapter
More Third Chapter
The Fourth Chapter
The Fifth Chapter – Part 1
The Fifth Chapter – Part 2
The Sixth Chapter
More Sixth Chapter

And now Lyndon just went live with the Seventh Chapter Review, and boy, is it a good one. This weekend, the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I plan to put the final touches on my 8th chapter review and have it live by Monday morning, if not even earlier during the weekend.

I have already encountered a few folks on Facebook and elsewhere who think Brown’s book is some how unassailable and unanswerable and wondering if there is any “cessationist” who could give it a sound response. I chortle and take great delight in directing them to our reviews. I hope it is a blessing to you all as well.



7 thoughts on “Authentic Fire – Chapter 7 Review

  1. That picture is awesome.

    I don’t know why I waited so long to include awesome pictures in my posts…it totally changes the feel and gives every post a peppering of awesomeness.

    Someone needs to write a “worship” song parody with Kenny Loggins in it.

  2. Chortling is bush-league. We’re supposed to be classier than that. I noticed that Brown’s Brownville buddy, Steve Hill, passed away after a long battle with melanoma. Where were the Word of Faith folks? I see how they totally ignore the issue when one of their ‘leaders’ dies from anything other than old age. I also notice that all these ‘messianic Jews’, many calling themselves ‘rabbi, which the Lord adamently forbid the night before His crucifixion, are in numerous wqays false teachers.

  3. There’s nothing unclassy about chortling. It is just a snorty kind of laugh? Sometimes a situation calls for a snorty laugh.

    But, how about “sigh heavily”?

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