22 Questions for Creationists From Smug Atheists with Pony Tails and Giant Earlobe Discs

Remember back in February when Bill Nye the scientism propaganda guy and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis had a big debate/rumble at the Creation Museum? Moving toward the debate, a number of Christian apologetic bloggers on Facebook and other sundry websites, wrung their hands in nervous anticipation that a massive disaster loomed on the horizon for Jesus because it was believed Ham would do a horrendous face-plant on live streaming internet.

Of course, no such face-plant took place and when both debaters came out doing fairly well with their presentations and Ham a bit better in his argumentation with Nye looking like an elitist snob (See Lyndon’s review of the debate), those apologetic bloggers turned from nervousness, to mortification.

First you had the “Reformed” bloggers complaining that Ham wasn’t presuppositional enough with his arguments and never used TAG to their satisfaction.  Then you had those bloggers who insist that neither man was a worthy debating opponent with each other because they both were amateur hacks. Then you had those Patheos.com bloggers who stroked their scruffy, hipster chin beards and dreamily wished out loud that their debating champion, William Lane Craig, could have taken on Nye. But seeing that WLC believes pretty much the same things as Bill Nye regarding the history of the Earth except he adds a magic Leprechaun named “Gawd” at the beginning of the story to kick start everything, I really don’t know what they could have possibly debated, but I digress…









But just when blogging apologists thought a horrendous PR failure had been averted, Buzzfeed posted an embarrassing photo montage of creationists asking evolutionists questions. Yep. Right between 34 Interesting Things People Find in their Cat’s Litter Box and 14 Pick-Up Lines Guaranteed to Get Jennifer Lawrence to Go Out With You if You Happen to Run into Her Outside Comic-Con was this post,

22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe in Evolution

Put together by Buzzfeed staffer, Matt Stopera, he found 22 people who self-identified as “creationists” that were milling around the creation museum before the debate. He asked them to write out on a notepad a question or comment for those who are evolutionists.

Some of the 22 questions and comments were good, but most were cringe worthy, like, “Are You Scared of a Divine Creator?” “How Do You Explain a Sunset if there is no God?” and my personal favorite, “If We Came From Monkeys, Then Why are There Still Monkeys?”

It was terrible. Everyone lamented how dumb Bible-believing Christians truly were. Jesus wept. An annoyed Rachel Held-Evans ate an entire box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies in one sitting.

Roxanne Palmer, a self-described Bill Nye fan club member, gathered all the scientific knowledge she learned with her English literature degree and a few factoids strung together from a number of Atheist 101 websites and wrote up some stinging responses to those 22 questions and comments. With that one post, she dealt a mighty blow to homeschoolers everywhere.

circusWhereas many of my acquaintances on Facebook saw the Buzzfeed post as an apologetics train wreck and an indicator on how low the Christian church has sunk in America, I had my doubts. Sure, a good many of the Red State evangelical churches in our fine country have turned their Sunday morning services into the equivalent of a Vegas Circus du Soleil spectacular rather than teach their people sound theology and how to engage the world.

But let’s take a step back and put this all into a better perspective. Think about it: Christians, on average, aren’t thinking about the best apologetic question they could ask an evolutionist if asked by a journalist who is hitting up people before a debate. I think about this subject much more than most believers and it would take me a few moments to think up and write out a clear, challenging question.

Several years ago, I attended a forum/discussion event at a high school cafeteria between a couple of ID proponents and a couple of evolutionary professors from our state university down in Northridge. It was one of the first ever reviews of that sort I wrote for my blog. Before the discussion started, the moderator asked the audience with a show of hands who favored the ID position or the evolutionary position. I would imagine maybe 85 to 90 percent of the audience raised their hand in favor of ID. As certain as those individuals were of their beliefs, I don’t believe they just held to them blindly or were ignorant of the arguments for evolution. However, I doubt seriously that any of them could think up a smart and witty question to ask an atheist on the fly.

Honestly, if it had been William Lane Craig debating Bill Nye, could any one of his fans have thought up a profound, penetrating question or comment to write on a notepad if asked by a photo-journalist? Could they even spell “Kalam” correctly?

It just so happens that a friend of one of my friends on Facebook attended that debate and her, her son, and his friend, are featured in those photos. She explained how the Buzzfeed journalist approached them, asked them if they were evolutionists or creationists, and when they responded that they favored creationism, he asked if they would be willing to write up a question or comment for a picture.

The gal went on to explain how her son and friend, while both identified as “creationists,” were both unsure of their views and were just recently getting exposed to the subject in school. Neither one of them had really thought about creationism, let alone any serious questions to ask evolutionists. I would imagine there are similar stories with a few of the other photos.

But having said all of that, most of the Christians lamenting that setback in public apologetics were completely unaware of the fact that the Buzzfeed journalist did the same with self-identifying evolutionists.

22 Messages for Creationists From People Who Believe in Evolution

Featured on that photo montage is this guy,











And many of the evolutionists asked such faith shattering questions as:

Do You Really Believe in a Talking Snake?

How Did Noah’s Ark Stay Afloat Even with Termites on the Ark?

If My Great, Great Grandpa Rode Bareback on a T-Rex, Why Can’t I?!?

Science Rules!

Jesus Riding a Dinosaur?? NUFF SAID

DinosaurJesusGee golly. The profundity of those questions is profound.  The seismic forces of reason and logic brought to bear upon the blind faith and irrationality of Christianity. RHE will have to break into her box of peanut butter tagalongs.

Go look at that montage. Do folks genuinely believe Christians asked stupider questions? Really? Keep in mind these are folks who call themselves “Brights.” I thought about writing up 22 responses to those questions, but then I realized I’d be wasting my time.

Of the 22, 11 are worthless jabs meant only to mock Christians. At least the creationists asked respectful questions regardless of how simple-minded people may believe they were. Of the remaining 11, 3 were philosophical in nature and unrelated to creationism as science, leaving just 8 of them that were of any significant “scientific” merit.

And I am not talking cream of the crop.  All 8 of those questions could easily be answered by a search on Answers in Genesis’s article page or any reliable creationist ministry like CMI or ICR.  Yet, even with the availability of vast resources from a creationists perspective,  because their “atheism” is born more from their hatred toward God, being smacked around by nuns or angry fundamentalist preachers, and of course their love of their personal sin, they could really care less if their questions get answered. They aren’t looking for meaningful answers.  There wasn’t any evidence that convinced them of their “atheism,” so no evidence will convince them of the reliability of the Christian faith.

In fact, it proves to me that the majority of folks self-identifying as atheists live in a delusional bubble and are just as lazy and uncaring about genuine challenges to their “faith” as the so-called vast majority of Red State evangelicals are accused of being about theirs’.


54 thoughts on “22 Questions for Creationists From Smug Atheists with Pony Tails and Giant Earlobe Discs

  1. I curious. I’ve read the various convolutions that are offered by apologists with respect to the death of Judas and the purchase and naming of the Field of Blood. Which one is your personal favorite?

    Are you going to address the question of what you would have known about Jesus if no one had told you about Jesus or if you’d never read about Jesus?

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