Authentic Fire Chapter 9 Review

My pal Lyndon has pounded out his review of the 9th chapter of Michael Brown’s book, Authentic Fire.

Authentic Fire Review of Chapter Nine

The King of Sweden so makes that post.


The good Lord willing, I should have my review of the tenth, and final chapter, up early next week. Then, in cooperation with the fine folks over at Cripplegate, there are plans in the works to republish the entire series over on their blog, which will certainly reach a vaster and more theologically diverse audience than what either myself or Lyndon could possibly reach.

And to show once again that we mean no ill will toward Dr. Brown when we critique his book, check out this cool gigantic statue of Kenny Loggins a group of fans had built.



5 thoughts on “Authentic Fire Chapter 9 Review

  1. Hey, I drive by that ‘church!’

    I liked the old statue better before it got hit by lightning.

  2. Fred have you given any further thought to you and Lyndon publishing this into a book response? I still say it would be a good to have a printed/ebook form of this information.

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