Articles on Cessationism, Continuationism, and Spiritual Gifts

Various articles defending cessationism, answering continuationist arguments, and discussing spiritual gifts in general.

A Chapter by Chapter Review of Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire

David Dancing Before the Lord: Is criticizing the modern charismatic movement the same as Michal rebuking David’s dancing before the Lord?

How were the Spiritual Gifts Transmitted [Part 1]
How were the Spiritual Gifts Transmitted [Part 2]

The Contiuationists’ Signs and Wonders Problem

Why Won’t Faith Healers Heal Amputees?

Charismatic Ecumenism

Wonder Working Power

Coast to Coast Christianity

Hunting Benny Hinn

Skeptical Inquirers 

The Spirit of Anti-Christ

The Theology of Miracles [Brief interaction with Craig Keener’s 2 volumes on Miracles]
UFO Continuationism [More interaction with Keener’s research]

Charles Chauncy and Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards, Enthusiasts, and the Brownsville Revival [Off-site at Lyndon Unger’s blog]

My Concerns with Bloggers Concerned about Strange Fire

The Resurrection Schtick

Hypocritical Fire: Is John MacArthur’s appearance on TBN really the same as Michael Brown’s interviews with Benny Hinn?

Questioning Modern Tongues

Muslim Dreams and Visions of Jesus
Thoughts about Muslims Seeing Jesus

The Pestilence that is Heaven Tourism

Dead Charismatics Appearing in Dreams and Visions

Why Continuationism is not a Non-Essential Doctrinal Issue
Part One, Part Two, Part Three

A Mess in the Maternity Ward [Off site at the GTY blog. My article answering Dr. Michael Brown’s criticisms of John MacArthur a few months before the Strange Fire conference]

Mennoknights Top 50 Churches Charismatic Super Primer [Off site at Lyndon Unger’s blog. His review and analysis of the top 50 churches in America]

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