Celebrating 9 Years of Blogging!

bloggingSo tomorrow, May 31st, I’ll be celebrating my 9th year of blogging. I guess the real milestone will be next year when it’s a decade.

My blogging hasn’t changed too much over the last 9 years. The only big change is that I have just slowed down a bit. I used to have sometimes up to four posts a week, but they were often goofy things, like links to amusing videos or other viral items on the internet that weren’t really that theological. Twitter now provides me an outlet for those things.

Now I concentrate my writing efforts on important, relevant topics and overall content. That of course limits my posting to maybe once a week.

I recently have begun work remastering and retooling my archived catalog of articles. When I moved from Blogger to Word Press a couple of years ago, a lot of my articles were reformatted and looked ugly.  I have started with the timely ones, or maybe I could say the ones I think are evergreens and provide folks with information on unaddressed subjects.

I don’t have a ton of followers, nor do I get a lot of hits, though visitor traffic has increased much over the last year or so. I think because I am becoming more notorious online. Anyways, one of my main objectives has been to provide at least some material for that person who may have a question about an out-of-the-ordinary subject that none of the other big time bloggers are necessarily addressing, like Muslims seeing Jesus in dreams or reviews of odd books like The Harbinger.

For those interested, here’s the very first post I ever posted, and here is a more detailed post about my blogging history from my seventh anniversary. I lay out my philosophy and sophisticated opinions about blogging with that one.



11 thoughts on “Celebrating 9 Years of Blogging!

  1. Congratulations on a continuing job that is always well done! I first found your blog from a link at Dan Philips’ Biblical Christianity a few years ago and have been reading your comments since. I enjoy your thorough exegesis on a number of biblical issues and I’m proud of you for taking difficult stands on controversial subjects. May God bless you and yours, and keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats Fred! I think this coming November is my 10th anniversary of blogging too.

    I don’t remember how I ever found your blog, but I lurked you for like 4 years, reading the occasional post. Then I actually started reading your stuff regularly and got hooked! You even got me to comment on stuff I agree with…which I usually don’t see the need to do (though I’m getting better at expressing agreement for the sake of encouragement).

    Keep up the good work partner!

  3. Greetings Fred. After reading your first blog on 2005, and being a nosy female, are we to understand you and your wife had five children in five years?

  4. Congratulations! Grateful for your blog.
    I think it might be an understatement of your blog’s viewership, I imagine it’s more than we realize =)

  5. Congratulations Fred, and keep it up, from a new regular reader but long-time admirer. Remember that our influence is always greater than we are allowed to know. I love H&T because you do address issues that others won’t touch. It doesn’t hurt that you agree with me about 99.9% of the time, either. ;) I hope to nervously shake your hand one day.

  6. Congratulations Fred. Keep up the good work. I am from India and I regularly visit your website for resources. Thanks for your effort. Your efforts are well appreciated.

  7. Oh stop it. I’m like a punk. You would want to nervously shake James White’s hand, and now that I know him a little bit, he’s a punk, too.

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