Me and the UFO Guy

Opportunities to evangelize can unexpectedly occur for the Christian all the time, but  those opportunity are sometimes not only unexpected, but also unusual.One Saturday in the late afternoon a few years ago, I was finishing cleaning up our mini-van. I had removed all of the interior seats, vacuumed the floor as best as I could, and I was in the process of vacuuming the seats and wrestling them back into the van.

While I was cleaning up the van, I was reviewing one of my Bible talk lectures I had given on the subject of evolution on the CD stereo. As I was fiddling with one of my kid’s car seat, movement caught the corner of my eye and I turned to see a guy riding up on his bicycle next to my van. I became a tad apprehensive, because he rode right up to my van and was just sitting there on his bicycle. I began to think about those crime documentaries on A&E and how many of those unsolved murders probably began with someone strolling up to a guy vacuuming a van.

That was just for a split second and I nodded to the guy a friendly “hey,” and he motioned to me that he was listening to the CD. He then asked me who it was and I said, “me.” He looked surprised and said, “really?” I explained to him how I worked at a radio ministry connected to my church and because I direct about 100 volunteers a week who come to help package tapes and CDs to our donors, I have the privilege of teaching them for about 30 minutes or so. I went on to explain how the talk was part of a series of lectures I gave on the subject of evolution and ID.

As I was explaining all this, he swings his leg over his bike and reaches into his pocket. Of course, I begin to eye-ball him to watch what it was he was going to pull out of there. He retrieves a cell phone and says, “Tell me what you think of this.” He proceeds to show me a video image of a round light glowing in the sky over some trees.

I asked, “What is it?” He looks around and lowers his voice a bit and says, “Every night this past week, around 2 AM or thereafter, this light hovers over the wash (big, dried-up river bed that runs through town). It’s not a plane, turns at sharp angles, turns color; my friend has a 45 minute video of the thing. There’s no doubt it’s a saucer.” There was a ominous tone in his voice when he said “saucer.” Like we aren’t talking about drinking tea, if you know what I mean.

I replied, “You mean this thing flies over the wash right over here behind our place?”
He responds, “Listen man, I’m not crazy, I don’t drink, and I don’t do drugs. I’m telling you, it has been there every night this past week and I bet it will be there again tonight.”

I replied again pointing, “This wash right over there?”

“Yes,” he affirms.

farsideI, of course, began wondering why beings who have the technological know-how to transverse interstellar space with great speeds or travel through wormholes to our planet, would spend their time hovering over the wash in Santa Clarita at 2 in the morning.

Moreover, if they were being all stealthy about it, why would they fly saucer ships that are lit up so bright so as to be seen for miles? And why do they fly their saucers at 2:30 AM, because I never get to see these things when they make their appearance?

Anyhow, I say to the guy, “Welp, I don’t believe you are crazy. In fact, I believe you are certainly seeing something fly over the wash, but why do you assume it is a flying saucer from another planet or inter-dimensional beings?”

He paused for a moment, I think because I told him he wasn’t “crazy,” and then says rather breathlessly, “Because it flies like no airplane I have seen before.”

I say to him, “I happen to know a few people who worked at Skunk Works, Lockheed’s division that develops top-secret aircraft. They tell me there’s a lot of stuff the public doesn’t know about that could easily be mistaken as an other world spaceship that is really just an experimental prototype airplane.”

With out even acknowledging my comment, the fellow says,

“Do you really believe we are the only life in the universe? The universe is huge, we can’t be the only life.”

That tends to be the big argument in favor of extra-terrestrial life: The universe is so vast, with millions upon millions of galaxies, let alone stars, that there has to be others planets out there like ours sustaining super-intelligent life, or at least really fun aliens like Dr. Who. Of course, I have always wondered why these super-intelligent beings want to come to our planet and probe New Agers and lumberjacks in the middle of the night. I mean, if they are here to harvest human DNA to create human/alien hybrids, why not use the better DNA? Surely Richard Dawkins would be preferable to, let’s say, a trailer park manager in Sedona, Arizona.

Then I replied with a transitional comment to steer the conversation toward the Gospel. I believe he was stunned to hear it coming from anyone, let alone a Christian:

“Yes, I do believe there are extra-terrestrials and inter-dimensional beings, but as a Bible-believing Christian, I believe God has revealed to us what they are in His Word. They’re fallen angels or demons. They have the ability to move in and out of our space, can travel at high speeds, and they can and do possess the bodies of human beings.”

He had a blank stare on his face, as if he had never thought of this before. He responded, “Why would the devil impersonate UFOs? What purpose is there to that?”

“Quite simple,” I replied, “They wish to deceive sinful men as to the truth of their creator and the salvation he offers through His Son, Jesus Christ.”

He wasn’t sure what to say to that. He then says, “I go to church sometimes,” and then he indicated to me he had been raised in church and even made the claim he was a Christian.

I tried to keep the conversation on the Lord, but he says again, “I am telling you, my friend has a video of this thing.” I say, “Okay. So why don’t you guys put it up on Youtube or Google video for all the world to see? I certainly would like to see it.”

He became adamant, “Oh man, I can’t do that, the government will find out about it and come and get me.”

I thought a second, “Why would the government come and get you? Why would they even care? Are you telling me the government, that is ran for the most part by flabby, cubicle dwelling bureaucrats, can trace Youtube videos back to the source so that they can arrest you for posting a video of a light hovering over the wash?”

He wasn’t sure what to make of that one.

I jokingly said, “You ought to get a deer rifle and take a shot at it.” “No way man,” he exclaims, “I’m too afraid to do that. It would shoot back with a laser gun or something.” (When I recounted this story later for Officer Pecadillo, he said, “Nah, Fred, you don’t want to encourage a person like that to pick up fire arms.” There certainly is wisdom in those words).

By this time, it was getting dark and I had to help good wife Butler put the children into bed. The fellow jumped back on his bike and says, “Well, I am not sure what it is, maybe it’s not a UFO from another planet, maybe it is a demon, but there is something certainly there.” Then he asks, “Do you think you will go out to see it?” I paused a moment and said, “Probably not, but maybe I will look out the window.”

Believe me, for a brief second, when I turned over that night and saw the clock say 2:30 AM, I thought about putting on a pair of short pants and going outside. Then good sense and sleep overwhelmed me. I didn’t even look out the window.

This is certainly an odd and humorous story to retell, but believe me, in our day and age of sci-fi culture, coupled with Darwinian evolution, Christians ought to be ready to engage individuals like this who seriously believe life exists on other planets and is regularly visiting Earth to capture humans; that is, if they don’t crash their saucers in the desert. I hope my encounter helped with some starting points to engage such a person in conversation.


21 thoughts on “Me and the UFO Guy

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  2. I got into it with a Christian a while back on his blog who no matter the airtight biblical case I made demonstrating the impossibility of life on other worlds capable of traveling to ours, he simply was not going to be dissuaded. I can understand a natural fascination with the idea, but every thought including thoughts about ET’s must be brought into captivity to Christ.

  3. There’s a great book very useful for this topic by Gary Bates titled, “Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection.” He examines how the sci-fi culture, including Hollywood, has led to so many “sightings” which, unsurprisingly, match the latest Hollywood depictions. He also examines the impossibility of space flight from different galaxies. By studying all the reports he learned that the “aliens” always preach a new age ideology, as well as claims of evolutionism. The entire study is fascinating, as he comes to the conclusion that the demonic realm is involved. I highly recommend it.

  4. There’s a big difference in believing in extraterrestrial life (highly probable for secularists), and believing such life forms have visited earth (highly improbably for secularists). If you take a secular worldview, you almost have to believe in extraterrestrial life, because the alternative would be to believe that of all the trillion planets in the universe, only ours has developed intelligent life.

  5. I might (maybe) be persuaded of the possibility of non morally accountable plant or animal life somewhere else, but it is not possible that there be moral agents that are self consciously subject to the law and covenants of God who are not children of Adam. Period.

  6. You know Fred it could be those young teenage aliens who stole the old man’s transdimensional space craft just so they buzz the locals and scare them.

  7. The whole extra-terrestrial life deal is just another in the long line of attacks on biblical Christianity. It almost just seems like a logical extension of evolutionist/materialist philosophy. After all millions of years plus “chance” can only take one so far in being able to suppress the truth in unrighteousness. And Satan is smart enough to put something out there to satisfy those who see that chance is not a force or a being. just like he will be smart and powerful enough to dupe all but a small remnant of those left in the world during the Tribulation that he is all-powerful.

  8. Great post. What exactly would be the basis for arguing that the Bible excludes the possibility of intelligent, morally accountable extra-terrestrials? Is it just a matter of God’s creation of Adam and Eve automatically excludes this, or that the Bible is silent on the matter? Thanks,

  9. It is just as you say. If there exists morally accountable ETs, that means that either there are beings who are without sin. If they are sinners, then they have no way of being saved, because they aren’t human beings because God the son came in the likeness of a man in the person of Jesus Christ to redeem sinners. The Scriptures proclaim that it is this world that God created where He worked out His plan of redemption.

  10. The following is copied and pasted from a conversation I had couple years ago about this. It is the substance of two comments:
    Animal life not subject to the Adamic covenant as only man is a moral agent bearing the image of the creator God. The whole creation fell in Adam and groans awaiting the redemption of the sons of men (Romans 8:18ff). This means there cannot be moral agents bearing the image of God but not descended from Adam or else God has cursed innocent intelligent moral life by sheer caprice. A thing unthinkable of the just and holy God who reveals Himself in the bible.

    If there are intelligent moral agents not descended from Adam and not under his curse on other planets then the “creation itself” would NOT need to “be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” (8:21 NASB) Not all of it anyway and not the highest part. Is there life on other planets? Bottom line? Animals maybe (and even that’s doubtful biblically speaking), but there CANNOT be intelligent morally accountable life anywhere in this creation except dear old earth.

    Also If there IS life anywhere but here, is it amoral low intelligence animal life? WE will have to find IT. IT will never come to US. ET was cute and close encounters a cool flick but if we are to take our scriptures seriously they are literally just movies.

    Romans 8:
    18-For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. 19-For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. 20-For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope 21-that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. 22-For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now. 23-And not only the creation, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. 24-For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? 25-But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

    All of the vast cosmos, “the creation itself”, “ALL the creation” (πᾶσα ἡ κτίσις) fell in Adam who was it’s covenant representative. In some eschatological sense the now cursed creation will be glorified with us through the redemptive work of Christ. If there are moral agents anywhere who are not sons of Adam then they have been capriciously and hence unjustly “subjected to futility”. An impossibility with a flawlessly just God.

    If there are moral agents anywhere but earth that have NOT been “subjected to futility” then this passage is a lie. Another impossibility. Therefore, there are no moral agents anywhere except earth and unless you are wiling to posit the notion of beings capable of space exploration who are nonetheless not moral agents THEY will never find US if they exist.

  11. Great storytelling, Fred. Hopefully, this man will be granted forgiveness by God.

  12. Praise God for this occasion to share Jesus! I always think its rather ironic how some people are so adamant that something exist out there when the evidence is spotty, meanwhile with God…it’s not that exciting the vast evidences

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  14. How do angels fit in since they are morally accountable, intelligent, etc., though they are not created in God’s image?

  15. That’s a good question Luke. The answer is that when Paul talks about the “creation” and “creation itself” in Romans 8 as having been subjected to futility and awaiting our redemption, the context and usage indicates he is there referring to the temporal and material universe. He is not referring to the spirit realm where the angels are and where Adam has never been covenantally related. He was taken from the dust of the earth and created and commissioned the federal head of matter, time and space. The spirit realm cannot be effected by his actions since he is not from, and had no dominion mandate there.
    Did you ever bump into this guy again Fred?

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