Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [Introduction]

atheistBack in 2006, during my first full year of blogging, I interacted with an online pamphlet written by an atheist anarchist by the name of Chaz Bufe.

Twenty Reasons to Abandon Christianity

My primary objective was to locate apologetic blog fodder for my new blogging project. That was just around the time when the “new” atheists were beginning to make their presence known on the internet, and Chaz certainly delivered the goods for me. When he wasn’t playing blues guitar at weekend music festivals around Tucson, AZ, he had devoted himself to spreading anarchist propaganda and subversive counter-culture philosophy, which of course is atheistic.

He also fancied himself a “free thinker” and regularly utilized words like “logic” and “reason” despite the fact his atheism can’t really provide a coherent, rational framework to answer life’s big questions like, “where did we come from?” and “where are we going?” as well as explain reality in a meaningful fashion.  God-fearing people like me, on the other hand, he labeled with derisive descriptions such as “superstitious” and “illogical.” The religious folks in the world are the shacklers of good, free-thinking thoughts.

As an aside, if we ponder the term free thinker for a moment, do those folks genuinely believe because they are haters of religion they are more “free” in their thinking? If you hear anyone describe himself as being a “free thinker” don’t let him fool you into believing he is a serious minded intellectual just because he rejects God and never goes to Church. Free thinking is just code word for a philosophy whose adherence reject any societal authorities. They delight in moral idiocy and the male variety want total freedom to engage in any sexual vice with impunity.  In short, a free thinker is just a pompous little geeky pervert at heart. But I digress.

nunsThe primary religious targets in Mr. Bufe’s anti-Christian screeds were mostly nuns and Roman Catholics. Now admittedly, Roman Catholicism is easy to pick on seeing it has a dismal track record over the centuries of being the main example of apostate Christianity.

However, like most atheist critics who perhaps have only read selectively from secondhand sources critical of the historic, Christian faith, Chaz lumps ALL Christians together with the Catholics as one and the same. Moreover, it is clear after a surface reading of his material that he hasn’t read any genuine responses to his various complaints. His knowledge of Christianity is severely limited at best and seems to be gleaned from other anti-Christian resources whose authors also are just as limited.

So what’s the point in interacting with a scruffy atheist who presents himself as an idjit when it comes to Christianity? I mean, folks like Chaz generally could care less if they are misrepresenting Christians or if there are genuine responses to their contorted perspective. It’s not like the guy genuinely wants to know, right?

Well, revisiting my old posts on Chaz not only helps me to punch up the material a bit, as well as strengthen my arguments, but also will  help readers realize they can get answers so as to respond to the Chazes in their own lives.  In spite of the fact Chaz is not giving us anything original as far as argumentation, he does represent the typical anti-Christian we occasionally encounter.  Whether it be the scowling uncle who likes to pick religious debates on Thanksgiving while everyone is lounging around the living room watching football, or the homeschooled cousin who became an “atheist” during her first semester at the local community college, all of us has an acquaintance or two like Chaz.   

Now let me run down the reasons for abandoning Christianity that Chaz provides:

He claims Christianity is…

  1. Based on Fear
  2. Preys on the innocent
  3. Based on dishonesty
  4. Extremely egocentric
  5. Breeds arrogance, a chosen people mentality
  6. Breeds authoritarianism
  7. Is cruel
  8. Anti-intellectual, anti-scientific
  9. Has a morbid unhealthy preoccupation with sex
  10. Produces sexual misery
  11. Has an exceedingly narrow, legalistic view of morality
  12. Encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils
  13. depreciates the natural world
  14. Models hierarchical, authoritarian organization
  15. Sanctions slavery
  16. Misogynistic
  17. Homophobic
  18. The Bible is not a reliable guide to Christ’s teachings
  19. The Bible is riddled with contradictions
  20. Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions

That sure is a lot of hating on Christians. But as we move along on my remasters of those old posts, we’ll see if old Chaz’s arguments hold any water.

23 thoughts on “Twenty Ways to Answer A Fool [Introduction]

  1. LOL. This free-thinker is offering all the same objections to Christianity as those before him? Doesn’t seem so free.

    I once applied for the free thinker society at a local university. I was rejected because I wouldn’t agree to their terms of service and “bylaws and policies.” I guess the free thinking was limited.

  2. I don’t see why “remasters” are necessary. I’ve read some and they are excellent.

  3. “I believe, without any evidence, that some wizard did it all and this wizard is exactly like this…” is NOT an answer. It’s a fairy tale.

  4. There are a few reasons what I am doing it:
    First, and probably the primary reason, is to correct all the formatting issues that popped up on all my posts when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. The pictures are out of sorts, paragraphs are run together, etc.
    Second, is to expand on some of my points with more thoughtfulness as to what it is that I am discussing,
    Third, to reedit all the spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc.

  5. Not nearly the “fairy tale” that something came from nothing! Have you ever seriously considered that God created a Universe so vast and intelligently designed in order to leave no doubt as to His existence? I cannot imagine what kind of “proof” you would want if His creation is not enough.

    The answer is none because the “truth” and reality of God is something you must deny at all costs in order to live the life you are living as a sinner. But ignoring the “truth” won’t change it. Neither will your rebellion against it.

  6. Also, the fact that God created man in such a fashion that we can communicate, reason with logic, and be creative, leaves us to reason that God would communicate with us in such a way as to know Who He is and what He wants from us. It only makes sense that we have His Word in Scripture in order to lay out what He expects of us and exactly what our relationship to Him is. When we don’t like this, we rebel. Which is really our natural state at birth before He changes the hearts of some of the rebels. Praise God for His steadfast lovingkindness towards rebellious sinners!

  7. Apparently you don’t understand Christianity. Our salvation and hope is not dependent upon any of us being perfect. We (you, too) are all sinners separated from God because we are imperfect in our hearts (our actions just reflect our hearts). Jesus came in the flesh, lived a perfect life in thought, word, and deed because we can’t/don’t. Then He took the wrath of God that every rebellious sinner deserves so that people can be saved from that wrath of God that sin deserves. And He conquered death and rose again so that those who trust in His work (both in life and death) and repent of their sins (turning from sin and to God) can have eternal life with God in heaven. Finally, He will come again to judge the living and the dead…then sin will be eliminated from the new heaven and earth where those who are saved will spend eternity with God.

    I plead with you…please consider the state you are in. You know from your own conscience that you are guilty…it is just a matter of whether or not you are willing to live in light of that or try to suppress the truth.

  8. None in particular. I sometimes just feel sad about how predicable some Christian’s reactions are. They know nothing about a person, but judge. They know nothing about a person but bear witness (which is, almost automatically, a lie). In other words, the are guided only by their own hatred but claim it to be the voice of god (in other words, blasphemy). And such a person wants to call me a sinner? Get rid of your own log, that will take a while.

  9. That is because you have an errant understanding of what is meant by “sinner.” ALL men and women everywhere are sinners without exception. You can either be a real nice sinner who helps little old ladies across the street, or a really bad sinner who is involved with sex trafficking. Both are equally in need of salvation. See Robert’s response below.

    The hypocritical judgment you misunderstand is what Scripture declares about an individual who rejects and suppresses the truth in unrighteousness. You may think that you are a nice guy while you reject the truth, but according to God’s Word on the matter, it makes you a sinner in rebellion against God.

  10. Judge Not – Matthew 7:1-5
    Our”society” hates absolutes, especially theological and moral absolutes. Your simplistic interpretation of Scripture provided a convenient escape from confrontation which could have led to conviction, repentance and salvation.

    You choose one of the Bible verses most often quoted out of context. It is Matthew 7:1-5 which reads in part, “Do not judge so that you will not be judged”. Another popular saying, taken from John 8:7, is “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” But when we read these verses in context, it becomes patently obvious that Jesus is not warning against every kind of judging but against hypocritical, self-righteous judging (see Matthew 7:1-5; John 8:1-11).

    In other words, a man should refrain from pronouncing judgment on those who commit the very sin in which he engages, for “with the judgment [we] pronounce [we] will be judged” (Matthew 7:2). One of the most widespread arguments against Christians is that they are “judgmental”, “hypocritical” or “always imposing our views on others.” This criticism even comes in response to Christians who speak out against behaviors and lifestyles that God judges as “sin” and has declared to be an outrage to Him (see Proverbs 16:1).

    We live in a society where “everyone [does] what [is] right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25)—where people insist that there are no moral absolutes, that each man should decide for himself what is right or wrong and that we should “tolerate” (meaning “celebrate”) sinful activities.

    Those who take seriously the Biblical warnings against sin and dare speak out against evil are written off as religious fanatics, and all Christians are, ironically, judged as being “judgmental.”

    Go figure!

    PS The New Age (old actually) Religion of Relativism is alive and well. Absolute “Truth” (that Truth found in Scripture) is no longer the baseline. We are getting closer and closer to becoming a Godless society and we’ve already begun to see those horrible results. “Truth” has become relative. I have my “truth”, you have your “truth”, they have their “truth” and and…………well, you get the idea! So my “truth” has now become the basis for my thoughts, beliefs and behavior. Pretty warped, huh? Soon, we will have totally sacrificed God’s moral absolutes on the altar of relativism. Truth will then mean nothing more than “opinion”. We already see that happening, don’t we?

  11. Well Dan, only the most foolish, deceived and prideful still call themselves atheists. The fact is that atheism requires all knowledge of all things and even those who continue to deny the existence of a universal intelligence (God) don’t fall into the trap of being labeled as something it is impossible to be.

    Rather they have gravitated to either the religion of evolution as some kind of “scientific” sanctuary or some other false set of mystical doctrines that don’t bother with challenging their own personal “truth”. Strangely enough, former atheists can actually combine their beliefs with elements of many false religions in order to cover everything they choose to accept as their truth.

    But their beliefs are moving targets subject to their current set of needs and circumstances. At almost 70 years of age I have heard nothing new from those who fight against the absolute truth of God’s word. They just manage to package their objections in new wrappings that when opened and examined are just the same old song one thousandth verse.

    Isn’t it reassuring that God and His word are the same today, yesterday and will be tomorrow.

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  13. Is “Stupid Atheist” a redundancy? Notwithstanding that the adjective used is the word “stupid”?

  14. Numbers 18 to 20 are astoundingly dumb. He just references the Jesus seminar and calls it a day for #18.

    #19 is hilarious…I’m going to write a list of HARD bible contradictions for some atheists because I haven’t met one yet who even had a hint of a difficult “contradiction”.

    #20 is absolutely idiotic. I never get the reasoning behind that, outside of nothing beyond juvenile word association.

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  16. Good introduction! Due to some issue I haven’t been on the blogosphere a lot and I am just only starting to go through this series myself. Thanks for doing this Fred.

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