Lawson on Watson

Steve Lawson tells us how Thomas Watson’s book, The Body of Divinity, revolutionized his theology and life. I couldn’t agree more. It was one of the early books I read at the beginning of my Christian walk that shook my soul and set me on the spiritual trajectory of my life. A powerful display of God’s character from this Puritan preacher. It is why my oldest boy’s middle name is Watson.

One also has to keep in mind that Watson published that book nearly 400 years ago. Yet here it is in the 21st century providing sober-minded believers with a deep theology that takes root in their hearts and turns their eyes heavenward for a high view of God.

I just can’t imagine a serious preacher of God’s Word 300 years from now, extolling the excellencies of Joel Osteen’s book, I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life or Beth Moore’s, Sacred Secrets. Assuming of course anyone remembers those two in a decade.

6 thoughts on “Lawson on Watson

  1. YES!!! Absolutely LOVE Body of Divinity. And if you’ve not had the privilege, A Godly Man’s Picture is also excellent!

  2. Apparently this one is different from “A Body of Practical Divinity,” which I’m currently reading (75% through) — also listed under the title “The Ten Commandments” available as PDF online, such as from ccel: “A Body of Divinity” also looks interesting, so I hope to read it soon after I finish the “practical divinity” one.

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