My 2014 Blogging Year in Review

new yearEvery year WordPress sends out these little stat presentations telling me how my blog did in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, I did fairly well. Notoriety with the Strange Fire conference and co-blogging with Lyndon as we reviewed Michael Brown’s Authentic Fire and cross-posting them over to the Cripplegate definitely picked up the new followers. I think my presence on Twitter also attributed to that as well.

My top post for 2014 wasn’t even written in 2014. I think I posted it in 2013. In fact, three of the posts in my top five were written in 2013. I am actually glad to see that, because as the WP stats review email cheerfully exclaimed, “Your posts have staying power! Keep writing posts like that one!” Sure.

My top five posts,

1. Interpreting Ezekiel’s Temple Vision with 5,100 views. That post begins a series of studies I did on the topic of Ezekiel 40-48.

2. Christmas in the Hands of Reconstructionists. I’d though it would be number one with all the attention I got from it. Even Brannon Howse read from it on one of his radio programs back in November sometime.

3. So You Don’t Like John MacArthur’s Views of the Mark of the Beast. I received a lot of hate comments with this one condemning both John for believing people can be saved if they repent from taking the mark of the beast, and for myself for defending him.

4. Muslim Dreams and Visions of Jesus. I’d encourage folks to click over just to read the last comment under this post. It  is interesting. I am actually thinking about pulling it out and interacting with it on the main page.

5. The Kirk Cameron-Catholic Interview. This post got me in trouble with both Brannon Howse and Justin Peters and other folks who I otherwise pal around with on social media. Then I got back into their good graces by writing the follow up about Kirk’s Christmas movie.

My writing has waned the last few months due to various responsibilities increasing. I hope that can change a bit in the next year. I do plan to continue remastering old articles that, as WP says, “has staying power,” to touch them up from my Blogger to WP transfer a couple of years ago, as well as expose them to a newer audience.

2 thoughts on “My 2014 Blogging Year in Review

  1. Nice work.
    I am new to your blog, having only recently discovered it. Thank you for your fine work.

  2. Good stuff! I definitely “feel” your Twitter presence from the time you gave links to us.
    Over at our blog, this year our top posts were largely from previous years as well.
    I’m looking forward to your blog in 2015!

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