About Those Video Ads on My Blog

adsI moved from Blogger to WordPress back around September, 2012. The move was a semi-painless one and I have really grown to love the new platform.

One of the new feature that I have had to deal with is the presence of video ads occasionally popping up at the bottom of my various posts.

They are part of the WP blogging complex and are meant to help defray the cost of offering a free blogging platform to users. I make no money off of them, nor do I have any say as to which kind of ads will run with my posts. As far as I know they are random, though I can see them being sophisticated enough that the WP bot generating them keys specific ads to play as they relate to the subject of my posts or the use of particular words.

As the administrator, I don’t see those ads, but I know they are there. My regular readers and visitors are the ones who see them. I don’t even know if they automatically play or how they work specifically, but obviously I know they show up at the bottom of the posts because WP tells me that “An advertisement may appear here” when I am compiling and editing a post.

Every once in a while, I may have a concerned reader drop me a friendly note alerting me that an inappropriate ad was playing at the bottom of a post he was reading. I thank the reader for his concern and basically lay out the explanation I noted above: WP chooses the ads, I don’t, and there is nothing I can do about it really. I have only had maybe one or two vicious hater trolls go to twitter telling everyone what a hypocrite I am for being a finger-wagging moralist do-gooder working for John MacArthur and Grace to You making money off sexually explicit video ads. I ignore those individuals because I know sensible people are more discerning than that.

At any rate, the only thing I can do to get rid of the ads is pay a yearly fee of 100 bucks that would have them removed. I also get an improved post editor and some other perks, but as a father taking care of 6 other folks and a spoiled rotten cockapoo, laying down a 100 dollar yearly fee for a webpage is a difficult thing to do. I’d have to deal with the silent glares of my wife who considers my blogging to be a quaint hobby like stamp collecting and would bluntly remind me that clothes don’t grow on trees.

However. Having said all of that, there is one thing you readers can do. It just takes a moment of your time. If you happen to see an inappropriate or risque video ad at the bottom of a post, you can click a little link that says something like “report this ad.” Go to the link HERE and read the instructions, particularly the bottom paragraph that explains how reporting ads works.

– You’ll need to send an email to the support@wordpress.com people.

– copy the link of my article where you saw the ad.

– And create a screen cap of the actual ad. (I’m assuming you all know how to do that).

Place the copied link and the screen cap of the ad into the email and hopefully that will help in cutting them down a bit.

It would be much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “About Those Video Ads on My Blog

  1. You could host it yourself? My WORDPRESS site is on THIS server across the room from me. An old HP desktop I turned into a L.A.M.P. box. No limitations either. Self hosting means you have none of their partial functionality. No yearly fee either. But SOME extra work and a couple other ea-silty overcome obstacles. People can help you ya know.

    OR, you could probably raise the hundred bucks a year through donations. :)

  2. The ads are like the commercials on radio and tv only they are easier to ignore because they don’t interrupt the blog and so can be easily ignored.

  3. LOL…. Hey I just have to say Tiribulus, I can’t speak for anyone else, but for this non-techno person, The very idea of hosting it my self, would scare the daylights out of me.

  4. I guess I don’t understand why don’t you pay the $100 bucks? I am assuming there is no guarantee that they will remove the ad. Well, ask them to put it in a writing. Ive seen nothing explicit but they do have the ads for “male enhancement” or some such nonsense.

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