Helpful Apologetic Books for the Eradication of Trolls

trollI was thinking recently about compiling a list of some good, basic books I could recommend to Christians in order to help them shore up their apologetic defense and proclamation of the faith.

The idea came to me after witnessing another troll attack on Facebook. The troll left some stupidly ignorant comments under an acquaintance’s post concerning a point of theology. Regrettably, no one following in the comments offered any serious rebuttal. I don’t believe the person who posted the original item under discussion even tried offering a response. That started me pondering: Is that because the people don’t want to or that they just lack the ability?

Now I recognize that Christians engaging in any meaningful discussion in the comment threads on social media with a strident, chest-beating “know-it-all” skeptic can be a rather ridiculous waste of time. Honestly, the better course of action is to just silently move on without any engagement. I get that, and so many times I ignore the troll because I have not desire to discuss anything with him or her.

But Christians shouldn’t just be helpless invalids who roll over because they can’t offer any informed push back.

Moreover, such trolls don’t exist solely on social media. They can show up at your Bible studies, Sunday school classes, at your family reunions, and holiday get-togethers. Whatever the situation, it may be helpful to have some resources that can help you offer at least a little bit of a response of your own in order to squash the troll and chase it away.

I scanned my personal library and compiled a list of a few books I believe cover the essential areas of biblical theology or historicity where trolls tend to attack. I identified books in my offering that are around 250 pages or less.

Now regrettably, my cut-off at 250 pages will eliminate a number of books I personally like. In fact, I’m sure folks will be annoyed I left such-and-such awesome book off my list. But I wanted to keep my selection simple and not overwhelming to the uninitiated. Most serious minded believers are not afraid to tackle at least a 200 page book. Maybe I can do a follow up post for the advanced troll hunter.

The categories I have in mind pertain to basics about the Godhead, the person and work of Christ, the doctrines of salvation, the authority of Scripture, historical matters, and basic apologetic methodology and theological worldview. From my observation, trolls tend to latch onto those areas of discussion.

With that brief background, here is my basic introductory list.

Knowing God – J.I. Packer

The Forgotten Trinity – James White

The Five Points of Calvinism – David Steele & Curtis Thomas

Redemption Accomplished and Applied – John Murray

For Us And For Our Salvation: The Doctrine of Christ in the Early Church – Stephen Nichols

Hell on Trial – Robert Peterson

The Heresy of Orthodoxy – Andreas Kostenberger & Michael Kruger

The Bible Among the Myths – John N. Oswalt

Scripture Alone – James White

From God to Us: How We Got Our Bible – Norman Geisler & William Nix

From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man – James Williams & Randolph Shaylor

The Question of Canon – Michael Kruger

Biblical Authority: Infallibility & Inerrancy in the Christian Tradition – John Woodbridge

One Bible Only? – Roy E. Beacham & Kevin T. Bauder

The Battle Belongs to the Lord – Scott Oliphint

Every Thought Captive – Richard Pratt

Apologetics to the Glory of God – John Frame

Reasons We Believe – Nathan Busenitz

Inventing The Flat Earth: Columbus & Modern Historians – Jeffrey Russell

God’s Battalions: A Case for the Crusades – Rodney Stark

Creation and Change – Douglas Kelly

The Battle for the Beginning – John MacArthur

Refuting Evolution & Refuting Evolution 2 – Jonathan Sarfati

By Design – Jonathan Sarfati

Same-Sex Controversy – James White & Jeffrey Niell

The Grand Demonstration: Study of the So-Called Problem of Evil – Jay Adams

Decision, Decisions: How & How Not to Make Them – Dave Swavely

Exegetical Fallacies – D.A. Carson


12 thoughts on “Helpful Apologetic Books for the Eradication of Trolls

  1. Thanks for the list. I don’t often engage with arguing with trolls, but when I do, I do so for the benefit of others who may be following along. I realize I’m not going to change the mind of the troll, but I want others to know that there are answers.

  2. I hate arguing with the troll, but still need t these books for my own spiritual growth, but Fred!! This is over two years of reading for me!! Thanks buddy!! I better get started!!

  3. I purchased God’s Battalion’s awhile back after reading your post on it – GREAT book!

  4. I’m a bit surprised ‘Evidence that Demands a Verdict’ is missing, or am I showing my age here?! It used to be the in thing to have as a general aid to answering objections to the faith.

  5. Primarily because it was probably over 250 pages. It’s an okay book. I have it and have used it. It maybe even the first of its kind dealing with historical apologetics, but there are better ones now.

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