Jerusalem’s King – A Review

jerusalemskingI recently had the privilege of watching the documentary Jerusalem’s King. I got word of the film through Andy Olson of Echo Zoe ministries, who helped with the production along with being featured in it as a traveling tour guide of the land of Israel. Correction: Andy tells me that was the actual film maker giving the tour, not himself. He was filming the scenes. Andy has an amazing doppelganger.

He was kind enough to send me a download for reviewing. Andy, that is, not the doppelganger.

The film is quite simple. It traces the prophetic theme of our savior, Jesus Christ, Jerusalem’s King, from the beginning of creation in Genesis to His Second Coming in Revelation. The viewer is led from creation, to the corruption by Adam’s fall, the promise made to Abraham and David of a coming King, through the remainder of Israel’s OT history, to Christ’s incarnation, His ministry and crucifixion, the Resurrection, and His Second coming and the restoration of His Kingdom.

All of those events are explained with the teaching of Scripture, especially the prophecies of the OT, as they pertain to each major point foretelling the coming of Christ.

Added to that are the excellent visuals of the land of Israel. As the prophecies of Christ are presented, the viewers see the land where the events of the OT took place. Seeing those places helps to frame the biblical story in a more solid context. For example, when Christ led His disciples north of Galilee to Caesarea Philippi as recounted in Matthew 16, we are shown just how ungodly that region was at the time by seeing the ruins of pagan temples. The connection is quite stunning in that Jesus revealed Himself to His disciples as the Messiah in a land where there was deep, spiritual darkness.

For a video that was put together on a small budget by a team of amateur film makers, it is a worthy production, though I did find the couple of shots of Andy Andy’s doppelganger  lip-syncing to the narrator  himself a tad humorous. The film would be an excellent tool that can be used in small Bible studies, especially for new Christians who have little or even wrongheaded views of the Bible. I can really see it being used for mission work either with missionaries ministering to people with no understanding of Christianity. Or maybe for those folks stateside who may have a heart for international students at their local college. Jerusalem’s King would be a fabulous introduction the what the Bible and Christianity is about.

DVDs or digital downloads can be obtained at the main site, Jerusalem’s King

A trailer is also available there that shows you what the film is about.

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