A Plea for Christian Parents to not be Idiots

frescojesusRecently on Facebook, I read this screaming head line,

Mom’s Angry Note to Teacher About Islam Assignment Goes Viral

It links to a story about a hysterical mother in Bakersfield, CA, (about a 90 min. drive north from where I live) who believes creeping sharia is overtaking the schools.

Troubled that her son had to do an assignment that appeared to be gratuitously too friendly toward the religion of Islam, she wrote a nasty missive across the homework page explaining in no uncertain terms – some of it in all CAPS – that her son was no longer going to continue with the assignment. She even included a smattering of Bible verses like Ephesians 6:10 and 1 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Oh boy.

Lookit. I sympathize with the mother. I understand completely her thinking that believes Christianity is being marginalized in America. It is also frustrating to witness the popular culture succumb to the Zeitgeist of dhimminitude that wants us all to pretend that the mass slaughter, butchery, rape, and destruction that has spread across the Middle East and into Europe has nothing to do with Islam. So that when the local school begins sending home assignments that favor Islam over all the other world religions and especially to the exclusion of Christianity, I know this mother’s rage.

But let’s take a step back, breathe in a deep breath, and think about this for a moment.

Lady, while I feel the heat of your passion regarding this matter, is the most productive, wiser course of action to stigmatize your son by writing an angry note across his homework page and posting it on Facebook so it can become viral and the Onion can write up a parody article mocking all Christians for reacting that way?  You seriously want to toss your son headlong through a gauntlet of ridicule and mockery by the hands of the media, his peers, and bloggers like me?

As of the writing of this post, my kids have spent the last couple of weeks or so preparing written assignments on Islam. We homeschool; so our kids aren’t just another brick in the wall for the postmodern leftist in charge of the American educational system to brainwash. You read that right: At least a couple of weeks.

In fact, the past weekend before my post here, I was helping one of them write a paragraph on the person of Mohammed and his flight to Mecca; because you know, he was a real, historical figure who founded a religion. Yet I honestly have no worries about any of them becoming ISIS soldiers, because you know what? I’M ACTUALLY INVOLVED WITH THEIR EDUCATION REGARDING ISLAM! Go figure.

Rather than scrawling an angry note across their homework assignment denouncing the teacher and thus subjecting my kids to embarrassment and the possibility of life crippling scorn, we discussed Islam. We discussed it’s founder, Mohammed, what Islam teaches, and the actions of Muslims in today’s world, framing it altogether in a biblical, Christian worldview.

Additionally, if I perceived a gross imbalance in the way my kids were being taught about Islam as compared to the other world religions, why I would take the initiative to contact the teacher, express my concerns, and address the need for them to modify the curriculum to have the kids read from the London Baptist Confession, or recite the Lord’s Prayer, or whatever.

The last thing you want to become is one of those Red State Evangelical activist types who take their marching orders from Todd Starnes’s imbalanced, handwringing opinion pieces supposedly reporting how Christians are suffering persecution in America. You are doing Christianity a disfavor if that’s the case.

A number of years ago, when my wife still taught elementary school, the kids in her grade where given an assignment to read a biography on a famous, historical person, build a doll of the individual, and prepare a brief presentation to give in class.  So for example, a kid might do a report on Benjamin Franklin and he builds a little figure out of popsicle sticks with a head that had cotton balls for hair and a tiny kite. Another one may dress up a Ken doll like FDR and have him sitting in a doll-sized wheel chair. You get the picture.

One kid, a girl if I recall, wanted to read the Bible as her biography and talk on Jesus. Her teacher, not knowing how to respond, (because honestly, the Bible is not technically a biography in the sense that these kids were learning), goes to my wife and asks if the Bible could be considered a biography. My wife is like, well, not in the way the assignment is asking the kids to read a biography. So the girl’s proposal was turned down. It was suggested she do one on a famous preacher or missionary.

Guess what? How do you think the parents reacted? Do you think they were like, maybe we can follow the teacher’s advice and do a biography on a famous preacher? Because what you are doing is beyond the parameters of the assignment and she is giving you an opportunity to write on a famous Christian.

Well of course not! They take this as godless persecution from the liberal communists at the state ran school. The parents demanded that she be allowed to exercise her first amendment rights, so the teacher relented and let her do her report.

When the kid submits the project, what she brought in was a hideous homemade doll nailed through the hands and feet to two boards fashioned into a cross. She had used her own hair to make the hair and beard of Jesus. It was like some freakish, Fundamentalist voodoo doll. If camera phones had been available at the time, I would have taken a picture and would post it in this article, but alas.

Come on now. That is the kind of crazy stuff the apostate anti-homeschoolers recount on their Patheos blog accounts. The worst thing about the whole ordeal is that a couple of teachers who were unbelievers could not believe Christians were such wackos. In the end, the Christian’s rights were “upheld” and “persecution” protected by free-speech, but the unintended consequences had a negative effect for the Gospel. Hopefully you will think of your reaction and future reactions with that in mind, because you aren’t helping Jesus out, but making His followers look like idiots.


10 thoughts on “A Plea for Christian Parents to not be Idiots

  1. Most social studies teach ABOUT Islam in a very few pages in World History and World Geography just like it does with all world religions. Trying to convert by the teacher is outlawed by school districts, state and federal law.

  2. Excellent post and very well balanced. I was trying to have this conversation with somebody the other day, and the words just would not formulate correctly. Thanks for yours! And may i repost this?

  3. Well said! I have no clue what is going on in the “news,” but your article was spot on.

  4. I’m not trying to be rude but your article had a lot of grammatical errors and why the use of “like”… “Do you think they were like, maybe we can follow the teacher’s advice and do a biography on a famous preacher?” How old are you? Why are you writing like a 16 year old valley girl? Your article would be much better received if it were cleaned up a bit. I, for one, disagree with the majority of what you’re saying. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Muslims are trying to infiltrate America. It all starts in the public school system…a government-run entity. No “Todd Starnes” conspiracy here. Just the facts.

  5. Thanks Kelli, for the comments. You write,

    I’m not trying to be rude but your article had a lot of grammatical errors and why the use of “like”… “Do you think they were like, maybe we can follow the teacher’s advice and do a biography on a famous preacher?” How old are you? Why are you writing like a 16 year old valley girl?

    Please. Tell me what my grammatical errors be? I’d be made happyier if you point those out so I can correct them. Seriously, if there are grammatical errors, I am not above correction. I consider my writing to be a craft that is always in need of polishing.

    As for the use of “like”, I am like putting forth my particular personality in writing. I happen to be a white guy from Arkansas who is old enough to have a wife and a family of five kids if that helps you. For the most part, I write in a humorous, conversational style, which may include the use of “like”. Being a hick from Arkansas, I also use lots of colloquialisms. Sorry if that troubles you.

    I, for one, disagree with the majority of what you’re saying. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Muslims are trying to infiltrate America. It all starts in the public school system…a government-run entity. No “Todd Starnes” conspiracy here. Just the facts.

    As I pointed out in the article, I completely understand that. Surely you were able to read through all my awful grammar to see that I actually stated as such. I mean… I did write that I felt this mother’s passion. In this instance, however, she is being loony. Teaching your kids about Islam does not automatically equate the infiltration of Islam in our society.

    BTW, you may do well to read this, http://www.amazon.com/Miss-Thistlebottoms-Hobgoblins-Bugbears-Outmoded/dp/1933572000

  6. Ha, now that tickled me a lot. Being a white guy from Arkansas myself, I have had it pointed out to me that my entire argument in support of faith is invalid since sometimes I use the local lingo. Glad I am not alone

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  8. Kelli,
    I don’t know if you are from Southern California. Where I am in Los Angeles, it’s common for people of all ages and both genders to use “like” in their daily speech. That’s just, like, what we do. :P

  9. No, like I’m not totally from the, like, LA area. I have lived ALL over the country, though. I think when someone uses the word “like” for filler it makes them appear unintelligent. I, too, home school my kids and we don’t use “like” when we’re speaking unless using it as a simile or to say that we “like” someone or something (have affection for). It’s kind of ….like…. saying “ummm” when you can’t think of anything else to say. Here’s a link for any of you who, like, want to STOP using it. Like, ya know?


    Kelli, a.k.a the grammar police :)

  10. There’s always been a fear among some parents that teaching kids about something will make that thing seem attractive. When my kids were in school, there was a Christian family who kept their two daughters out of sex ed because they felt it would make them want to have sex. Same thing with drugs–some parents felt that teaching children about drugs would make them want to experiment. Recently in my workplace we had an older Christian woman file a complaint because her coworker was reading the book “In the Skin of a Jihadist” by Anna Erelle and she was offended by the word ‘jihadist.’

    I read a lot of blogs, articles, etc., that I do not agree with. One time I mentioned to a friend that I do this, and she said she would be afraid to do something like that because it might change her mind. I am not looking to change my beliefs but to strengthen my own resolve to follow Christ and be a light for Him in this world…and to do that, I believe, we need to know what we are up against.

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