Tim Tebow and His Ex-Girl Friend

tebowSo I saw on Facebook’s news feed that Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, a former Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, broke up with him because he refuses to have sex with her.

My immediate reaction was, “good for him! Way to stand up against temptation and sin.”

Speaking as a red-blooded male here, given that she is, in the currently popular Red State evangelical vernacular, “smokin’ hot,” maintaining his integrity and staying true to his commitment to save sex for marriage was probably a difficult achievement, especially if Ms. Culpo willingly and readily made herself available.

However, as I reflected upon the various media articles linked in my FB feed, I began to wonder why Tim Tebow, a professed Christian who has shown the public, at least in my opinion, that he is semi-serious about his faith, would be pursuing a woman who is the moral equivalent of a diamond encrusted sow ear.

I am only going off the reports, and we all know how media reports can be wildly inaccurate and lopsided, relaying only partial, one-sided facts; but according to friends who know the guy, he expressed genuine care for her by sending her gifts and writing her notes. Sure, note writing and gift sending is a nice thing to do, but a guy generally doesn’t write notes to a lady or spend money to purchase her gifts unless his intentions is for moving the relationship a bit deeper.

Obviously she was willing to fornicate with him, so again, that begs the question as to why he would be chasing a woman of ill repute? But I suppose if I were a single guy, and a Miss USA winner was showing interest in me, I may go a little stupid as well.

I would think, though, that my resistance to such feminine wiles would be much more than just a really strong belief in abstinence. I mean, anyone can choose to be abstinent. Golly, the Catholic Church, and even Buddhists, have like entire religious orders of both men and women who live cloistered together in rural, isolated communities who are abstinent.

I would hope that if I was a major, public figure and the choices I make with my sex life as a single young man were to come under the ridiculing scrutiny of atheist hacks on the internet, it would be a bit more than just “I’m committed to the principle of abstinence.”

I remained abstinent before marriage not because I thought it was the best way to prevent STDs and pregnancy, but because I had the holiness of God as my first and foremost objective in my personal life. I wanted to honor Christ. Honoring Christ was living a sanctified life set apart to him. Was it difficult to stay singularly focused on the Lord? Yes, it was, even with the help of the Holy Spirit. And I didn’t even have a “smokin’ hot” Miss USA winner begging me for sex.

My exhortation to Tim if he should happen to stumble upon this obscure blog and read my post is to make sure folks understand your convictions are born out of a love for Jesus Christ and His holiness. Anyone can pursue abstinence; but the vague principle of abstinence doesn’t save anyone. Point them to the Lord who saves, not a worthless, stand alone morality.


25 thoughts on “Tim Tebow and His Ex-Girl Friend

  1. 1. Great points, Fred.
    2. “the Catholic Church…have like entire religious orders of both men … who are abstinent.” <<– Not necessarily; as has been seen. They just don't fornicate with adults.
    3. Read the link from Dan Phillips above, everyone, including brother Tim. It is excellent help.

    When I have seen brother Tim make some public errors, my general impression has been – "This guy needs better discipleship." He seems to say and do the dumb things a young Christian might do who is really committed to Christ…but doesn't quite walk as prudent as he ought in the early steps of decisions. He seems to be a bit of a victim of the idea that we can really sorta be part of the world in some ways. But I am glad for his ultimate convictions and his overall stance for Christ. I do wish someone with better theology would train him, though.

  2. Oh Good grief….first it was the Red Cups at Starbucks, then people who have never posted a word against abortion condemning the Colorado Shooter before it was even ascertained he had abortion on his mind and now this. I’m so sick of the rush of evangelicals to be the pious condemners of the brethren.

    So has every one here never had a person lie to you so that they could get close to you? She knew who he was. This is the guy who refused the Playboy Player of the Year award. Maybe she thought she could “take him down”. Maybe she posed as a “Christian” and then revealed her real stripes. Maybe this is a made-up story by the trustworthy folks at trashy media outlets who look for ways to humiliate and marginalize Christians. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a Christian celebrity to screen who is really real and who really wants to be close to fame. I’ve seen this happen and have had this happen as a pastor and I wasn’t even famous. Soon as they were done “using me” — “poof” they were gone. But yes….let’s all jump on the Brother in Christ and assume the worst about him. If Christians won’t give a brother the benefit of the doubt, to whom would we? smh

  3. I have to agree with the previous poster. We seem awfully eager to criticize a man based on tabloid reporting. Personally, I have difficulty remaining pure during marriage much less before it and without it. So I have a ton of respect for a celebrity who can remain faithful despite the steady stream of beautiful temptations he must face. From my vantage, it’s pretty easy to offer advice from the cheap seats. Most of us don’t face the kinds of sexual temptation that these athletes face constantly. And in this case, we really don’t have any verifiable facts to deal with. We just have some anonymous reports about this relationship.

    Also knowing the right thing and doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Especially, when it involves “love.” That’s not to say it is an excuse for dating an unbeliever, but Proverbs isn’t filled with warnings against the adulteress because she’s easy to resist. Are Christians right for pointing out the obvious? Yes. Obviously, you should be pure because of God’s holiness demands it. And obviously dating an unbeliever can lead to terrible heartache and problems (not including the spiritual consequences). But immediately after being dumped and having it splashed for the whole world to see might not be the best time for a lecture.

    Having said that, I worry about his friends and those who give him Christian advice. If I were Tebow’s personal friend, I’d be advising him to be much more intentional about looking for marriage. That will leave less room for chance encounters of the heart.

  4. I agree with Dan. How unfortunate. A man takes a very public and culturally unpopular stand to remain pure and your response is to assume and presume to know anything about the situation.
    First I will say that as a woman in her early 30’s dating “Christian” men, I haven’t found 1 in 10 who are willing to practice this discipline. These are church going men who profess a Christian faith. So Tebow is in the upper 10% just for that.
    But what is actually I nsulting is the way you talk about this woman. This is a woman, made in the image of God, not a “diamond encrusted sows ear.” How dare you sir? Would you jump all over Mary for breaking the jar of incense over Jesus’ feet? perhaps this woman is a new Christian. Perhaps she doesn’t know God yet. Spend your time praying that this man’s choice for purity leads her to the cross, rather than coming up with ways you would “do it better than Tebow.”

  5. Rebecca complains,
    But what is actually I nsulting is the way you talk about this woman. This is a woman, made in the image of God, not a “diamond encrusted sows ear.” How dare you sir?

    It would behoove you to read Proverbs 11:22, “As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.” A woman who is beautiful, but lacks personal discretion as this woman has clearly demonstrated by making her tiff with Tim public and an occasion to mock him and make him look foolish, fulfills Proverbs 11:22 as far as I am concerned.

  6. I get both sides of the argument. It does seem a bit odd that a man of such outstanding Christian character found this person “marriage-material” in the first place though.

    HSAT, it is possible that this is just tabloid stuff to make headlines. I read this on eonline yesterday: //Contrary to the publication’s report, an insider tells E! News that the former couple’s split had “nothing to do” with Tebow’s decision to remain abstinent.//

    So, who is to believe that is even her reasoning?

    I think Fred’s point was that, in a general sense, simply calling yourself abstinent from intercourse, yet making all sorts of other unwise decisions isn’t quite as noble as it is made to sound. More noble would be proclaiming the actual gospel to people which could save them.

  7. Dan, and others who may think I am being a bit harsh with Tim Tebow.
    I want you to do me a favor. First visit Olivia Culpa’s Wiki page and read about her background. Here’s the link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivia_Culpo She has been actively pursuing beauty pageant competitions for at least the last 4 or 5 years and even won Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe, all in 2012. That’s three years ago. She was also dating one of the Jonas brothers, who is not really known for being a deeply committed believer.

    Okay, now that you have scanned her wiki article, just do a google image search of her name. If you really want to do it right, turn off the safe search filter.

    Now once you have done that, please explain to me why a man who professes Christ and is serious about his commitment to the Lord would even be interested in a woman like her? Oh. I know I would be “interested” for sure. She is supermodel gorgeous. But the notion that she “faked” being a Christian to get close to him is a bit of an unrealistic stretch.

    Look, when a person genuinely puts Christ above all else, when it came down convictions, would a Christian man even go out on a “date” with her? At Tebow’s age, I was taking dating seriously, meaning I wasn’t looking for a prom date, but a woman who would be my wife and have a family with me. A woman who can be readily seen in her underwear and other sexually charged positions on the internet with a simple search is not the kind of woman the Bible explains as making an excellent wife and mother.

    Contrary to what folks my think, I am actually pulling for the guy. Could it be that she got spurned by him because he saw that she was a worldly woman and broke off the relationship? Sure, we can only hope. But at the moment, all indications appear that he is making unwise choices when it comes to relationships. My prayer is that he will learn and grow from all the media attention to this.

  8. Fivepointer, it would behoove you to read 1 Corinthians 13:1-3.
    “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging symbol. If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, if profits me nothing.”

    The insult isn’t just in the name-calling of this woman, it’s in only seeing her as an object, as “smokin hot.” Furthermore, if you re-read Proverbs, you will see that the woman is represented by a gold ring, she doesn’t become a pigs snout, it is saying that the rings beauty is wasted by where it is placed. Contrast that with what you said, which was that the woman herself is a pigs ear.

    I’ll leave you with one last verse,
    “For judgement will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgement.” – James 2:13

  9. I disagree a bit. I don’t think it is a far stretch to believe she may have said she was a Christian. Remember Carrie Prejean? I’m sure if you were to search google for images of her, you’d find many similar photos to that of this other young woman. And yet, she was, at least for a short while, being held up by Evangelicals as a virtuous Christian woman. You can’t imagine the same thing happening to a young man here?

    As to the main thrust of your analysis, I agree wholeheartedly. A Christian doesn’t have any business dating an unbeliever or even a nominal Christian for that matter. And this is the type of thing that happens when you do. There isn’t just spiritual consequences but earthly ones too. And this may serve as a painful lesson to our brother Tebow. Your initial post just comes off, at least to me, as lacking a bit of grace considering how amazingly difficult it is to practice the very thing that we all know ought to be done. I will grant you however, I have my own ghosts that tend to make me a bit more sympathetic to the man.

  10. No, Fred had the Proverbs analogy right. The gold ring in Proverbs 11:22 is the woman’s physical beauty. The pigs snout is her lack of discretion, or one might say, her moral character. That fits the use here very well. Of course we all know that love means never ever using the Bible in such a way that it might make someone feel bad. (sarcasm)

    The only thing lacking here is someone to cry foul because Fred didn’t sit down with Tim over coffee before saying anything.

  11. I haven’t ever really posted on anyone’s blog before. There is a lot of discussion here, and it is helpful to think things through. God wants us to be separate from the world, we are not to be unequally yoked, there is a difference between calling yourself a Christian and actually living as one. I don’t follow sports, and I rarely follow the news, I found out about this whole Tim Tebow incident today when I saw the link below.


    I am not going to comment on motivation, politics etc. I chose to use this link because even though there are other links and articles on the same thing, things that were included in the articles themselves were not edifying.

  12. I am confused about something though. Fred, in simple terms, what is your contention with Tebow? Are you saying he made a mistake dating this girl because she was taking provocative photos? From what I understand, he broke up with her – so how did her err? Once he realized she was not Godly, he ended the relationship. i guess my question is, if you were in Tim
    Tebows shoes, what would you have done differently?

  13. Mark:

    You can read my posts for where I stand on this. But initially, the reports were that Tebow was dumped by his phenomenally gorgeous girlfriend because he refused to fornicate with her before being married. She couldn’t deal with that and therefore, dumped him and then, again, based on the reports, obviously leaked this information to friends who leaked it to the gossip rags. Under that context plus with what we know about her from the internet, the assumption was that Tebow, a Christian, was dating a woman who clearly was not a Christian and got the expected result: pressure to commit a serious sin and a broken heart. Based on that context, Fred’s point is that Tebow was (a) in sin for merely dating such a woman, (b) must not be receiving (or listening to) Godly counsel from his friends, (c) such a woman is the type warned about in Proverbs and (d) Tebow serves as a living example of the consequences of yoking yourself to an unbeliever. If these assumptions are true, his analysis is 100% correct. Even under some other assumptions, his analysis is still on target.

    The kickback that Fred is getting is two pronged. First there are guys like me who say that Fred is absolutely correct but relied on gossip and even if it the gossip is true, he made his point without much reflection about the incredible temptation that Tebow must have faced in this situation. I think the guy must be superhuman because I know I would have fallen into sin if I were in his shoes. The second prong is really limited to one post from one person that is offended by Fred’s reference to the woman being a “sow’s ear” (a reference from Proverbs). Personally, I think the description is accurate unless the facts are just wildly misstated (which brings us back to my point about gossip).

    You know, I was thinking there is something to the song: “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life. Never make a pretty woman your wife.”

  14. @Nathan: We didn’t read it because it took a while for the comments to show up. Your post merely reflects exactly what I was saying about gossip.

  15. Mark writes,
    I am confused about something though. Fred, in simple terms, what is your contention with Tebow?

    I don’t have any contention with the guy and wish him well. In fact I am encouraged to hear that the story may had been, as I noted in my original post, a bit lopsided.

    Are you saying he made a mistake dating this girl because she was taking provocative photos?

    In a sense yes. I am working from the position that at Tebow’s age, he is seriously looking to get married. As a Christian man, that should be our goal. As soon as the person who allegedly introduced them told him about her, I would only think that her winning the Miss Universe contest would come up.

    Now. I’m just as much of an all American, red-blooded guy as he probably is. So sure, if I were single and available, I’d be definitely interested. HOWEVER, I am also a Christian. It has been my experience that girls who are involved with the beauty pageant circuit are also self-absorbed.

    Of course, I am sure a woman can get saved out of such self obsession, and perhaps she told him that, but it was only a lie. Whatever the case, I would be suspicious of any such woman until her character could be proven to me, and that has to happen outside of a dating relationship and more in the context to how she serves in church and among believers.

    From what I understand, he broke up with her – so how did her err? Once he realized she was not Godly, he ended the relationship. i guess my question is, if you were in Tim
    Tebows shoes, what would you have done differently?

    I don’t think he erred at all. I commended him for his decision. My question had to do with what was going on at the front end before he had to break up. In other words, what was he thinking going into it.

  16. Looking into this, it is fascinating how many Christian blogs want to go after Tebow for his poor decisions – but in this case, they are all wrong. According to TMZ, the people whose entire existence is about gossip, there never was a relationship. http://www.tmz.com/2015/11/30/tim-tebow-olivia-culpo-break-up/

    First, I am not “Going after Tim Tebow.” I was going more after the folks who want to make the principle of “abstinence” the defining factor in a Christian dating relationship rather than the holiness of God. Tim Tebow is known for promoting abstinence apart from being anchored in God’s holiness. That I know for sure.

    Secondly, I specifically front loaded my opinions with the comment that the media reports could be wildly exaggerated and partially factual. So there’s that.

  17. They did date, one of his best friends, Brendan Schaub, confirmed that he had been on double dates with them on his podcast. Just spending two minutes on her Instagram as soon as he met her in July, would have told him that she was, and continued to be while dating him, the opposite of what a Christian woman should be. He has always made a big thing of wanting to be a good example to kids, and that is why his poor judgment is disappointing. It sends a poor message to young women that even Tim Tebow is more interested in a woman of low standards rather than a virtuous woman. Perhaps by making such a big mistake with this young woman it will help him to identify the right one when she comes along.

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