Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise – A Review

sexualfidelityI’ve had the privilege the last year or more of getting to know pastor Mike Abendroth. We attended Master’s Seminary around the same time, though he was probably a year or two ahead of me in study. My roommate used to work with him on the custodial crew at Grace Church, a common job for seminary students. I only knew of him at the time and didn’t really “know him, know him,” if you know what I mean.

He then graduated, uprooted from LA, and replanted in Massachusetts where he began his pastorate at Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA, about an hour or so west of Boston.

Mike is also the host of No Compromise Radio, that once aired daily on a terrestrial radio station in MA, but is still going strong via podcast and is heard primarily on Worldview Weekend. I was introduced to NoCo Radio when Mike did a blistering YouTube video that asked, “Where is Beth Moore’s Husband?” It’s still one of my favorites.

His ministry has expanded the last few years into writing and publishing, and his latest work is an excellent, encouraging read, Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise.

The genesis for the book came from all the talks Mike has had with his kids regarding sex, particularly his son. Realizing that at some point his son will be curious about sexual issues, as a Christian father, it was Mike’s duty to proactively engage the topic with him rather than having him learn it in the basement at the neighbor kid’s house who has a bunch of girlie magazines.

Sexual Fidelity tackles the topic of sex frankly, yet in a godly and tastefully way; and without all the graphic, inappropriate discussion people can encounter from the world. Mike centers his study on Scripture, drawing from his sermons he has preached from 1 Corinthians, Proverbs, and Ephesians where the Bible addresses marriage and intimacy.

He covers a number of important topics regarding sex, like the biblical mandate for married couples to enjoy the gift of sexual intimacy, the importance of parents guarding a daughter and son’s purity until marriage, and the snare of pornography and how it can ruin a marriage. He also shares his personal game plan when it comes to navigating his son and daughters through the process of dating and courtship.

Though the book is short, the reader will be challenged to think biblically about sexual faithfulness both to God and to one’s spouse. In fact, while I know this book would make an excellent study for a men’s group, I think it would make even better study for a marriage class or even for a husband and wife to work through together.

Struggles with sexual matters are often times wrongly perceived as being just “a guy thing.” Though it is true that men may have struggles with sex, generally with guarding their eyes and thoughts, women on the other hand can have the tendency to trivialize that vital part of intimacy in their marriage, even to the point of neglecting it. Mike’s biblical study on the importance of sex in marriage would be a helpful reminder for both men and women who want to strengthen their marriages. That is why I believe pastors will benefit enormously from the book as a resource when they offer discipleship and counseling to couples.

Currently the book is available only through NoCo RadioA discount is available for those folks who may want to do a group study, so make sure to shoot out an email and inquire about it if you plan to do that. I appreciate pastor Mike for sending me a review copy, and though he knows I am a groveling, sycophantic “YES” man, I wasn’t expected to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions are my own, though I do wonder about the weird, AC/DC, Back in Black cover.

7 thoughts on “Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise – A Review

  1. This is not the first time Pastor Mike has been accused of channeling AC/DC in his design choices! :-)

    I sense a trend.

    Great review. The author hand-delivered a copy to me last week when I visited the church I attended (BBC) from 2005 to 2014. I can’t wait to work through it.

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  3. “I am a groveling, sycophantic “YES” man”


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  5. I had never heard that “Where’s Beth Moore’s husband?” before. Where is he anyway? ;)

    Not having been a fan of AC/DC ever, I didn’t make the connection with the book cover, although I thought it was a really nice and clean design.

    I’ve just learned 3 new words: groveling, sycophantic, and while looking for their meanings, obsequious. Hip & Thigh is always theological, entertaining, and educational. =)

    Thank you for your review Fred!

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