My 2015 Blogging Year in Review

baby new yearAh. 2016 arrived, and the day before, I received WordPress’s annual review of my blogging the past year of 2015. Here are the results:

5. Interpreting Ezekiel’s Temple Vision. I originally posted this article back in January 2013, approximately 2 years ago to the month. It is still one of my most searched articles/series.

4. Perry Noble’s Apology. Last Christmas, mega-church goofball, Perry Noble, the grown man who dresses like he is 14, preached a sermon in which he claimed God “spoke to his heart, telling him that the word “command” does not exist in the Hebrew and so the idea of 10 Commandments was wrong. He issued a letter of apology to his mega-congregation explaining how it is God’s fault that he is an idiot.

3. Does the Bible Teach that a Woman has to Marry Her Rapist? I wrote this article a long time ago; like maybe back in 2009 or 2010. I reworked it a bit and updated it to look nicer since my move from my old Blogger site and reposted it in 2014. It is still frequently visited due primarily to atheist wackos putting it on lists and websites called things like, “Crazy Fundy Teaching” or “**** Fundy Christians Believe,” or some such nonsense.

2. The Real Reasons Why Youth Are Leaving Church. I wrote this in response to a number of alarmist, hand-wringing posts I see popping up on popular apologetic blogs and ministry websites. Generally, those articles insist that the reason why youth are leaving churches and abandoning their Christian upbringing is because they graduate from the safe confines of their high school youth group bubble, encounter the real world at their local community college or state university, and are unprepared to answer all those smart thinking atheists when they challenge them with their withering criticisms of the Christian faith. The authors insist that if churches would regularly invite apologetic speakers to teach their youth about intelligent design theory, or evidentialist apologetics, as well as Thomist philosophy, those kids will be prepared to intellectually Kung Fu kick the daylights out of those Youtube atheists at college.

I believe that is nonsense as I outline in the article. It somehow came across the radar of Todd Friel and he read it on his Wretched radio show.

And the number one, most visited and read article on my blog for the year 2015 was,

1. About that Lying “Prophet” that Rebuked John MacArthur

Back in August of 2015, John MacArthur had returned from an extended summer hiatus. During the second AM service, he was recapping his summer and sharing with the congregation what he had done. All of the sudden, a scruffy looking goofball walked up onto the platform where John was talking, whistled real loud, and then proceeded to yell at John for his anti-Charismatic beliefs. Security escorted him out of the service as he continued to shout at John to repent of his cessationism. That event got spread far and wide on social media, and Charismatic wackos wondered if this was really a prophet sent from God to rebuke John MacArthur and those haters at Grace Church. We also saw it as a godsend, because in light of the shooting at San Bernardino, his disruption also revealed holes in our church security that have since been patched. I explained why that guy was really a false prophet and a liar.

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