My Neanderthal Article

My article I wrote about a month or so ago interacting with a Reasons to Believe apologist and their weird human-Neanderthal hybrid ideas, was picked up by Creation Ministries International.

Neandertal-human hybrids: Apologetics Gone Real Bad

I appreciate the opportunity that allows my writing exposure to a much broader audience. I was also grateful for the way Jonathan Sarfati and the folks at CMI helped with punching it up with more details and links I hadn’t supplied in the original.


3 thoughts on “My Neanderthal Article

  1. Fred,

    Great to see your post up at CMI. While I was reading it I thought of another theological quandary for the hybrid theory. If beastiality is a sin, then that could potentially mean any hybrid-human interaction is also sinful. There could be untold numbers of people involved in beastiality every day. The way I see it, those supporting the hybrid view will either be forced to make an utterly arbitrary determination of when these hybrids become human, or will have to concede Neanderthals are human afterall.


  2. Fred,
    Saw this as well and was happily pleased to see CMI pick this up. Great article, very salient points! Heartfelt eternal thanks to you and the ministry of John MacArthur and your church for steadfastly standing on the Word of God from the very first verse.

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