A Real Quick Book Review

rapture“17” REASONS Why The Rapture Will Be on September 22nd 2017
by No Man Knoweth
105 pgs., paper

One of the more fun perks I have with working for Grace to You is seeing the myriad of books people will send our ministry. A lot of the books come in manuscript form sent by the author or publisher asking if John would be willing to review the material and write an endorsement for the book. Others have already been published and either the author or publisher want to send a complimentary copy to John or Phil for some reason or another. Sometimes we get multiple copies and I get to snag them for myself.

The really fun ones are those books that clearly emanate from the outer fringes of the so-called Christian world. Generally, those books are sent to us by some well-meaning, but clearly undiscerning listener who believes the book in question just has to be read by John MacArthur because the truths contained therein are so profound and important, reading it will open his eyes to what is really going on in the church or the world or whatever.

For years after it was published, for instance, GTY received at least one to two copies of Gail Riplinger’s, New Age Bible Versions, almost on a monthly basis, with an attached note written by the sender begging John to, “read this book to see the truth of what was happening to our Bibles!” We had a small shelf filled with them until we had to dump them. Those kind of books provide a unique glimpse into the deep, dark bowels of American evangelicalism. Most of the folks here at GTY flip through them, get a laugh, and then toss them out. I however, because I am a fan of unusual and obscure curiosities and conspiracy theories, eat those books up like they are candy cigarettes.

thingSo last week, Phil received a little paperback in the mail entitled, “17” Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be On September 22nd, 2017. He tweeted out a picture of the book; I immediately had to go see it for myself. Thankfully, I was able get it away from Phil long enough so I could skim over the pages to see what those 17 reasons would be. I mean, who is to say the book could be wrong? After hundreds of prophetic date setting books being printed over the years, surely there has to be one that gets all the details right. I’d hate to be that guy who misses out on having all that inside info before the Antichrist and the spawns of hell are unleashed upon the earth.

The book is written by No Man Knoweth, or for my review purposes, Nomak. (I’m only assuming Nomak is a man’s name, so please forgive me if it’s Miss Nomak). The book is in a plain, glossy white cover, (or maybe it is egg shell white, I get my color swatches mixed up), with merely the title in candy apple red printed on the front. I appreciate the humble approach by the author. No fancy designs and pictures that distract from the importance of the information contained within.

Nomak lays out his case in a brief 105 pages as to why he thinks the rapture will happen on September 22, of 2017. With books like this, I believe brevity is the better way to go; get right to the point. Additionally, Nomak avoids all the screaming hysteria typical of the prophetic-date setting genre. That means there is no gratuitous over use of ALL CAPS and exclamation points. It is hard reading a book where I feel as though the author is yelling at me. Instead, Nomak has opted for a more conversational style, using the candy apple red lettering, along with bold italics, to emphasize significant information one should ponder. I appreciated that. He wants to persuade with his arguments, not shout down at people for being idiots.

According to Nomak, he was inspired to write his short book from one Edger Whisenant wrote called, 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will be in 1988. [17 Reasons, i]. The problem with Whisenant’s failed date-setting book was the fact that technology was not at the place in 1988 for the Antichrist to pull off what he needs to do technologically so to deceive the world in a short 3 and a half years of the tribulation. Whisenant did not realize this important point in the 1980s. [ibid].

After that brief introduction, Nomak outlines his 17 reasons and expounds a little bit on each one. I’ll review them in turn here,

#1 – The signs Jesus presents during His Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24, Mark 13. The phrase, know man knows the day and the hour, is really a Hebrew idiom speaking to when Rosh Hashanah will take place on the Hebrew festival calendar.

#2 – The astrological star chart that speaks to the Gospel in the Stars when interpreted correctly will give us the exact date of September 22-23 as the starting of the Jubilee of Jubilee’s fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27.

#3 – The 6 Day war in 1967 restarted the prophetic time clock for Israel. 2017 will be the 50th year of the 6 Day war.

#4 – God’s Feasts point to the rapture in September 22, 2017.

#5 – Rosh Hashanah, 2017, will fall in year 5777 of the Jewish calendar. 777 is the number of completion.

#6 – The last ten historical years of Jubilee are all tied to significant events in Jewish history.

#7 – The blowing of the shofar trumpet will take place on September 22, 2017.

#8 – The fulfillment of Revelation 17:10-11, with the seven kings who are fallen being the last seven popes before the 8th, who is pope Francis.

#9 – The four blood moons point to a significant sign in the constellation of Leo the lion (a symbol for Christ), that will have exactly 12 stars in the year 2017.

#10 – The four horsemen of the apocalypse represent the totality of Islam which will rise in power before the rapture. The white, red, black, and green on the pan-Islamic flag.

#11 – Allah is a false god, who is called “the deity.” (he doesn’t really explain how this is a reason, sadly).

#12 – The Ottoman empire represented the feet of clay in the statue of Daniel’s vision, Daniel 2.

#13 – The Ottoman empire will rise again during the end-times before the rapture.

#14 – The rise of Islam’s influence throughout the world. (I think he could have combined #13 and #14 into one point, but I figure that would have wrecked his working title and he would had to have gone back and done a big re-edit).

#15 – Planet X will come to destroy the world. (Google it).

collide#16 – God will give humanity over to a strong delusion to accept an alien messiah. Alien, in the sense of little grey men like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

#17 – Myles, Nomak’s guardian messenger, gave him the 17th reason, which has to do with how Satan is deceiving everyone about the true nature of grey aliens, who are really human/demon hybrids like in Noah’s day before the flood.

mylesNomak ends his book with an exhortation to stand fast in these final days. The end of the world is knocking on our doors, he passionately explains, and we need to go to Jesus to be saved before these events happen or you risk being left behind. He further recommends watching a video posted on the AV Biblebeliever’s youtube channel describing how Roman Catholicism and Islam are connected. In fact, he is so convinced that you will be blown away by the contents of that video, he highlights it several times throughout his book.

He closes his book with a model prayer you can pray, in sky blue font to offset it from the candy apple red font in other parts of his book, in order to be saved. He then signs off telling the reader how he loves us all.

The book is a quick read, and you can obtain a copy for $6.95 at the lulu.com, self-publishing website.

9 thoughts on “A Real Quick Book Review

  1. I can’t say I liked this post from the start. When the author stated that Catholicism and Islam are connected, there should have been a dislike tab.

  2. From what is on the internet the antichrist was picked to come on June 6, 2016, however he failed to show and now it is 30 August 2016. The Muslim antichrist is on the way in 2016 or 2022 in the shape of their Islamic Jesus and the second coming of the Christian Jesus is claimed to be on October 3, 2016.

    This is nothing, because I think the world has much bigger problems in the way of Donald Trump.

  3. Google Alberto Rivera and Chick. You’ll come up with the hokey connection. Something similar… Robert Morey’s claim that Allah is a moon god rather than the God of Abraham with a twist regarding Ishmael and Isaac, in case you’re wondering where that rumor/hoax/legend/conspiracy theory got started.
    Trivia… some Islamists and Catholics see the 1917 vision of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal as confirmation of their faith. Fatima was Mo’s youngest daughter with his first wife. For Catholics, the name is given to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  4. Robert Morey, who I’ve met and spoken to personally, has nothing to do with a conspiracy between Islam and Catholicism. His bit about allah being the “moon god” is more about Islam’s origin. I know for a fact he would have disdain for any date setting or conspiracy theories (since he had an entire lecture series against the latter).

    As to the book reviewed here, I’m always mystified as to why some people think some great technology is needed to implement the antichrist’s agenda or the mark of the beast in particular. That always makes it difficult for Christians to accept new technology since they constantly think RFID or whatever is the coming mark of the beast. We learn in the Bible that rulers such as Ceasar had tremendous power. Joseph and Mary had to take a several day journey to Bethlehem to register! If Ceasar had ordered everyone to get a tattoo to buy and sell, it would have been done. In the case of Revelation it is implied that the mark will be accepted and enforced willingly by the masses. It will be an act of worship. Thus, no technology will be needed (which isn’t to say it will not be used).

  5. I have to confess … to have read a lot of Hal Lindsey in the 1970’s (Hal on earth, as it were), and this was enough to make me sceptical of this kind of prognostication. At the time though I thought more serious evangelicals of the John Stott variety were too cautious and should have been more excited. I’m older and, I hope, wiser now! I’ve long since come to the conclusion that the details of the sequende of events leading to the end have not been revealed, but it is easy to get sucked in to the theories of those who appear to have this all sorted out. Most of this, incidentally, originated in the States, presumably because there is a large market for such myths that promote speculation.

    It strikes me there are two aspects to this which are very sad. One is just how easy it is to fool some evangelicals. Gail Riplinger is an classic example. Some liberal influence may have got into the translations of the bible, but that is hardly true today (RSV -> ESV or NASB), and no version I can think of doesn’t have enough information on how to enter the kingdom even if some passages are weakly translated or it uses the critical text rather than than the RT. You don’t have to have propitiation in your version to believe and be saved!

    The other sad thing is that the doctrine of the second coming is left out altogether, because teachers or congregations have been put off by the speculative stuff that comes and goes from time to time.

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