Evangelical White Lies – A Book Review


Evangelical White Lies
Mike Abendroth
146 p., paperback

Pastor Mike Abendroth has graced the Christian church with a new book. When he is not hosting his No Compromise podcast or preaching at Bethlehem Bible Church, he is writing and publishing insightful, cutting edge material addressing sloppy thinking among Red State, Evangelical Christians.

Unlike his previous book, Sexual Fidelity – (see my review HERE), that focused on a singular topic, biblical sexuality and ethics, Evangelical White Lies addresses and corrects a variety of shibboleths that have become pronounced among evangelical Christians because of bad teaching, or bad doctrine, or just an overall mishandling of Scripture. For example, the common myth that missionaries must suffer and live in near poverty conditions to really be missionaries, and the idea of making the OT stories simply illustrations of moral character in a flannel board fashion.

Other topics include the claim that Christians must tithe per Malachi 3:8 (I heard a sermon at least once a year about that when I attended an SBC church), addressing the imbalance of Christians focusing too much on marriage and family, and the silliness of churches pursuing environmentalism and so-called “green” initiatives.

Overall, there are 12 chapters covering specific white lies that have wormed their way in among the pews of American, evangelical Christians. Each subject is written in Pastor Mike’s signature NoCo style that is fun and conversational for the average believer. They are also mercifully short; a person can probably read this book through in a couple of sittings.

The chapters are,

  • You can live the Gospel
  • You just need more time
  • Christians must tithe
  • Missionaries must suffer to stay humble
  • Work is only a means to an end (work is strictly secular)
  • The focus is on the family
  • Bodily exercise does not profit
  • Green is God’s favorite color
  • God fits in a box
  • The weather is a thing
  • God speaks outside His revealed word
  • Bible characters make perfect models for morality

In a way, Evangelical White Lies is a specially unique apologetic work. Rather than presenting a defense of the historicity of Jesus, or the reliability of the Bible, or arguments against the existence of God from atheist critics like the standard apologetic books, Pastor Abendroth presents an offensive against the terrible application of bad teaching that has become the default conviction of many in evangelical circles. Instead of training Christians to defend the faith against hostility, he is training them to defend the faith against stupidity.

As I understand it, Pastor Abendroth has a list of several other evangelical white lies he can expose. I would certainly encourage him to pursue cataloging them with the hope that he will publish them in an ongoing series of books. They would be a fabulous blessing for the Church.

Beth Moore Loves Her Some Evangelical White Lies!


6 thoughts on “Evangelical White Lies – A Book Review

  1. I have copied and pasted this to my facebook timeline. With credit to your blog. I plan to purchase this book.

  2. I would like a chapter on evangelicals judging a claimed modern prophetic word for new testament believers upon whom the Spirit has been outpoured on the basis of the test Moses outlined in the old testament in Deuteronomy.

    I’m speaking partly tongue-in-cheek, but I have to smile at how often this is done. Although not quite as often as the tithing verses!

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