My name is Fred Butler.  I’m a graduate of Arkansas State University and The Master’s Seminary.  I currently live in the LA area and work at Grace to You, the radio ministry of John MacArthur, where  I have the honor of coordinating and directing the volunteer ministries.  My wife and I have five kids and we are all actively involved at Grace Community Church.

I began this blog in 2005 to have an outlet for my opinions both theological and secular.  I don’t have any particular emphasis with my blog except for promoting a high view of God, the authority of Scripture, and a biblically grounded worldview.

I have another website called Fred’s Bible Talk where you can listen to some of my devotional teaching I give to my volunteers.

Please keep in mind that even though I work for Grace to You and attend Grace Church, and I am pretty much in theological agreement with my co-labors, my blog does not necessarily reflect their opinions or convictions. In other words, don’t blame them if you get offended by something you find here. I am the responsible party.  I am in no fashion an authoritative representative who speaks for either organization.

If you must get a hold of me my personal email is fivepointer (@) gmail (dot) com

I’d love to hear from you, even if you think I am the stupidest, most disgusting person you have ever encountered on the internet. I am pretty good about responding in a timely manner.  BTW, please feel free to leave a comment. I merely ask that you refrain from the use of profanity. Honestly, if you can’t articulate your ideas and thought without the use of F-bombs and other sundry foul language, you demonstrate you have a weak, shallow mind.

In case you are wondering, “hip and thigh” comes from Judges 15:8.  It is an expression explaining how Samson, under the power of the Holy Spirit, killed a thousand men with a donkey jawbone.  It is one of my favorite KJV expressions (next to “he stinketh, Lord” John 11:39), and it has absolutely nothing to do with joint pain medication.