Debunking Ancient Aliens

aliensI remember as a kid watching an episode of “In Search Of…” that told about how aliens had visited earth thousands of years ago and helped humans build the pyramids and other ancient monuments. I sat transfixed as Leonard Nimoy’s sober narration convinced this 8 year old that aliens used tractor beams and levitation in order to stack giant rocks.

So recently I am driving to work early one morning and I am listening to the replay of Coast to Coast AM, which is like the equivalent of Charisma News or Sid Roth for atheists, New Agers, and UFO enthusiasts. The guy that was being interviewed had put together a documentary that basically debunked the whole ancient aliens idea, with particular focus on the History Channel series. The weekend host was asking him questions that had a tone of sarcastic disbelief, like, “You’re telling me men can move giant, 800 ton stones? Really?” The interviewee patiently explained how ancient societies accomplished such engineering feats and how ancient alien believers tend to exaggerate or outright fabricate the evidence. In other words, they lie.

The guy being interviewed sounded familiar and when the show went to a commercial break, the host says, “we’ll be back with our guest, Chris White, right after this,” I thought, “Yes, I know where I heard him before.” He was once a guest on Echo Zoe radio during which he talked about identifying the Great Harlot of Revelation 17 and 18.

Knowing the guy was a Christian, I immediately knew I wanted to check out his documentary. It’s available for free on YouTube through White’s main website,

Ancient Aliens Debunked

The video is three hours long, so make sure to pack a lunch; or you can break it up into chapters or sections and return to it when it is convenient.

Now some folks may be wondering why I would recommend a 3 hour YouTube documentary on debunking the claims about ancient aliens. That’s a fantastic question.

Well, if you are like me, I would imagine you have encountered various individuals from internet subcultures that assert with much passion the truth of ancient aliens building the pyramids. Sure, those folks are few, but they are there and they can have an influence on the unlearned.  Additionally, they tend to be really hostile toward God and Christianity specifically, claiming that the aliens that visited the earth were the deities worshiped by the civilizations.

So while it may seem silly to many, I guarantee my readers that they either have come across such people or will eventually. Here you have a fabulous online apologetic resources to answer such absurdities.

Also, the audio of White’s Coast to Coast AM episode is currently available at YouTube,

Chris White Coast to Coast AM interview

That discussion is only an hour and a half or so rather than 3 hours, but you’ll miss seeing all the great visuals. Make sure to fast-forward to around the 40 minute mark where the interview begins.

The only criticism I had with his interview is that he avoided talking about being a Christian. If I hadn’t known of him beforehand, I would have concluded he was just another one of those typical skeptic debunker types. I personally think he missed an opportunity with not making it clear to the audience from where he was coming from as a Bible-believing Christian. He also made the assertion that he thinks aliens can fit into his current worldview and I totally disagree with that, and believe it messes up biblical theology.

Those peripherals aside, I highly encourage folks to check out the documentary when you can. My kids and I watched the first section dealing with ancient monuments and they loved it. It will certainly help to shore up their thinking if and when they encounter friends who believe in ancient alien civilizations.

Lawson on Watson

Steve Lawson tells us how Thomas Watson’s book, The Body of Divinity, revolutionized his theology and life. I couldn’t agree more. It was one of the early books I read at the beginning of my Christian walk that shook my soul and set me on the spiritual trajectory of my life. A powerful display of God’s character from this Puritan preacher. It is why my oldest boy’s middle name is Watson.

One also has to keep in mind that Watson published that book nearly 400 years ago. Yet here it is in the 21st century providing sober-minded believers with a deep theology that takes root in their hearts and turns their eyes heavenward for a high view of God.

I just can’t imagine a serious preacher of God’s Word 300 years from now, extolling the excellencies of Joel Osteen’s book, I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life or Beth Moore’s, Sacred Secrets. Assuming of course anyone remembers those two in a decade.

Work Place Follies and Fails

Getting caught up from being out of the office last week, so blogging won’t commence until later this week. Perhaps.

In the meantime, in order to remind folks that I am still here, please enjoy this harrowing video of workplace incompetence. Though I would exhort people to keep the sound turned down because I think there are swear words sprinkled here and there, you will often hear repeated: “You all right?”

The Historical Newspaper

I love these kind of stories:

One man’s hobby has turned into a phenomenal website cataloging old newspapers. Compare his work – done by himself out of pocket – to the similar projects of the Library of Congress which is spending 22 million dollars for the same thing.

Here’s his website for those interested in doing some research.

Fulton History