Cosmic Referees

Jerry Bergman is one of my favorite science writers from a creationist perspective. A lot of his articles are primarily published in the literature of the Creation Research Society. One of my absolute favorites was an article he wrote exposing the outright fraud and corruption perpetrated by Darwinian field researchers in order to be recognized first by their so-called academic peers. He documents titanic battles between personalities that sometimes resulted in fist-to-cuffs breaking out. The article can be read in this edition of Creation Matters, Controversy in Paleoanthropology.

At any rate, the first article for the 2009 Answers Research Journal went on-line this week and it is an article by Bergman exploring the intolerance among modern day cosmologists who censor anyone of their own who would dare question the big bang theory of cosmological evolution. Oddly, it is not non-theistic, anti-supernatural Darwinists going after intelligent design proponents or those rogue young earth creationist. In many cases it is evolutionists going after fellow evolutionists who go “apostate” as it were by postulating alternative cosmological models to the big bang. It makes for some amusingly compelling reading. The article also provides a bit of an introduction to big bang theory for the uninitiated out there in the world.

A Brief History of Intolerance in Modern Cosmology

1 thought on “Cosmic Referees

  1. Yes, I read the same article and was appalled. I had known about the “big bang alternatives” for quite some time now, but didn’t think there would actually be any action taken. Granted, Big Bang advocates don’t find, for example, the “steady state” theorists to be correct, but why take any action? I think if your work can undergo peer review, then why the intolerance? And at least Creationists are consistent. We believe that there is no need to be intolerant of competing views; if they want to publish their work, teach in universities, then go for it! I’ve yet to understand why they can’t give opposing views, creationist or not, the same respect.

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