Sam Harris, The Poser “Neuroscientist”

Probably one of the better, heart warming stories on the internet this week:

Neuroscientist Sam Harris

Sam Harris, militant anti-theist and self-appointed spokesperson for new atheists everywhere, is a hack. And a pothead to boot.

From the conclusion of the article,

1. Since getting his PhD, he has conducted no scientific research.
2. Since getting his PhD, he has taught no university/college courses in neuroscience.
3. Since getting his PhD, he has devoted his efforts to his anti-religious think tank and publishing books, such as the one on using drugs and meditation to discover truths about our reality.
4. He received his PhD through partial funding from his own atheist organization.
5. He didn’t do any of the experiments for his own thesis work.
6. His PhD thesis was about how science can determine what is right and wrong and he turned it into a book for sale.
7. Since publishing his thesis/book, Harris has yet to use science to resolve a single moral dispute.

Thus, Sam Harris is as much of a “neuroscientist” as Gail Riplinger is a textual critic. Keep this link in your apologetics drawer the next time some crank atheist cites Harris as an “expert.”

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