Inerrancy Summit Sessions and Seminars

All of the main sessions and breakout seminars from the Shepherd’s Conference 2015 summit on biblical inerrancy  are now available online.

All of them can be found at the Master’s Seminary media hub located HERE.

The Domain of Truth blog has done us a favor and have linked each audio download at one place,

Inerrancy Summit Main Sessions

Inerrancy Summit Breakout Seminars

By the way, the main session linked at the Domain of Truth blog go immediately to the Vimeo videos of the sessions. If you want the MP3 audio, find the download at the TMS media hub.

I hope to be blogging a little bit on the doctrine of inerrancy here soon when I get caught up on other important and immediate chores. In the meantime, check out Michael Vlach’s message on presuppositionalism and inerrancy and Steve Lawson’s biographical sermon on the life of Tyndale. His message was absolutely enthralling for me.

And then David Farnell’s presentation on the dangers within evangelicalism against the doctrine of inerrancy is prophetic, as lobs hand grenades against well-known Christian apologists that we all respect who have severely compromised on these key doctrines to save face among academics. The audio of William Lane Craig denying key portions of Matthew’s account of the Resurrection narrative is staggering.

David gave the same presentation at a different apologetic conference in 2014, and the youtube version of that presentation is found HERE if you wish to see the pictures and quotes he mentioned.

5 thoughts on “Inerrancy Summit Sessions and Seminars

  1. Thank you for sharing our page with the links to the sessions. I had a good time this Shepherd’s Conference, probably one of the best ones I’ve had.

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